pandas 1Pandas are the most loveable nearly extinct animals in the world.

I mean who cares if some insect goes extinct because of human environmental meddling?
Or a certain breed of snake or something?
But everyone cares if the Panda goes extinct… because I mean look at it, so adorwwfable.
This is probably why it’s the poster-animal of the World Wildlife Fund.

Panda research is done in China, where most of the research gets put into making these loveable idiots breed.

You see Pandas seem to lose interest in mating once they’re in captivity.

And whilst everyone knows that Pandas are renowned for eating nothing but Bamboo, it was my mum on a recent trip to Chengdu and to the Panda breeding centre that asked the question, “well they seem to be very much like normal bears, they still have meat-eating teeth, so can they just not eat meat anymore? Or can their stomachs only handle Bamboo?”

She asked this to our bus driver and to the local guide that we had who works for the centre.

“Oh yeah, to be honest they can eat meat, and in fact a lot of the Bamboo they eat doesn’t get fully digested.”

With my mum’s questioning eyes, he continued  “oh yeah, but the meat makes them more aggressive, so we prefer not to feed them meat”

My mum and I just looked at each other utterly surprised.

More aggressive? Wait, so you’ve been making them docile on purpose, feeding them something that they can’t even digest properly, and then you wonder why they don’t have the energy for sex?

They don’t have the energy for anything.pandas 2

At least give them a bit of meat, an aggressive horny panda is surely better than one that only wakes up for munching on some bamboo and then rolls over and goes back to sleep.

How about you put a little more research into that element huh?

You can read about this online, it’s true. Pandas were never hunters, but they did eat meat by scavenging, perhaps that was enough before to make them somewhat reproductive.


Also the first time I went to this Panda breeding centre just outside of Chengdu there was a mini-museum walk-around paying homage to the Giant Panda, and like many Chinese things they collected a bunch of information from all sources and put it together, they made some sort of timeline out of it, but didn’t pay too much attention to the details.

There was a picture and beside it was a caption stating the quizzical statement ‘Nobody knows why the Pandas seem to die out’  and in the picture was 4 men carrying a Panda inside a supposedly hard bamboo cage all wearing hats made out of Panda fur.

The next picture along was ‘The traditional uses of Panda in Chinese medicine’

Yeah, I’ll tell you why their numbers are so thin, probably these 4 guys wearing dead pandas on their heads ahd quite a bit to do with it.

And where are they taking that particular Panda do you think?  Across to the next picture so they can make some virility medicine?
Let’s hope this is when the Pandas were at least still eating meat.

Now… the centre has conveniently removed these pictures, most likely because many foreigners were taking pictures of them and secretly laughing.

I’ll try to find the picture.


insightful graphics or professions of an idiot?


Who the hell finds this remarkable?

I hate it when illogical nutjobs post things like this.
They’ve clearly spent some time and effort to make the damn picture to create something that they believe is profound.
But let me tell you, it’s not.

How about you just put some effort into thinking about this instead of immediately creating some sort of fancy graphic?

You see there’s such things as services.

All these companies are Service companies.

And these particular ones that you’ve listed out are intermediary service companies, they connect those that need the service with those that can provide it, but… perhaps lack the network and resources to organize something themselves.

It’s not that hard.  In fact children can figure this stuff out.

Why do we as adults have to see a picture like this and share it around to show to others how ‘insightful’ we’ve become?

You’re just showing to others that you’re an idiot. Surely.

Smelly toufu – chou doufu (臭豆腐)

For those of you that don’t know what this is, its not just me making up words

The Chinese actually translates to smelly (or bad smell) tou fu.

It’s this thing that they normally sell outside subway stations, which smells god-awful, if you walk past or just come out of the subway… you usually involuntarily let out a  “ahhh what that f**k?” as you quickly try to cover your nose with your scarf or hand or something.

I don’t quite understand this but they most often sell it during winter.

The ‘advantage’ over normal toufu, is that this is fried, and so it has less of that terrible squishy texture that soy bean curd always has…however..

The ‘aroma’ is incredibly strong, I would say its on par with the smell of excrement, not smelling the same but on the same level in terms of foul nose harassment, but just 1 level under the smell of vomit, but let me stress it is strong. Even if you’re 10 meters away you can smell this stuff.

So how does it taste?

I’ve literally heard many people say this, “oh yeah it smells like shit, but actually the taste is not so bad”

First of all I wonder… if they admit that it smells like shit… why come to the conclusion that this is something that they want to eat?

Surely, and I use that word delicately now, surely when you smell something that is just terrible, the natural animal reaction is to get away from that smell as soon as possible?

Humans are animals, and I realise we are capable of ignoring our animal instincts, but most of them are pretty useful in saving us from general forms of danger.  You hear a loud roar and it scares you.. you run away. Similarly, even animals poo away from where they eat, because obviously it smells bad, but also because it can carry disease and if somehow you manage to eat it … it causes dysentery.

Animals have managed to figure this out, why go against our animal instincts when it seems these are there to protect us?

And going back to this quote “oh yeah it smells like shit, but actually the taste is not so bad”

I would hope that if something smells that damn terrible, and in the end you actually do choose to eat it, it had better taste amazing. Otherwise… surely it’s not worth it right?

If something tasted just average but it smelt terrible, I think the logical choice would be to eat something that tastes average but doesn’t smell like shit.

Ideally you would want to eat something that smells great and tastes amazing, but forgoing that, surely anything that smells on par with shit, should have to taste damn amazing if you’re going to choose to eat it. And moreover pay money for it.


best ‘Chinese’ paint job ever

multi coloured car1multicoloured car 2

I saw this car a while ago, wow, just wow.

Originally it drove past a friend and I as we were walking on the street but I was too slow to get my phone out of my pocket.  But then as we rounded the corner at the next intersection there it was.

(I had to make these pictures full-size because otherwise the fluorescent yellow stripes ‘extenuating the lines of the car’ on the silver are not so clear)

The owner was just inside a store as I was taking pictures looking at his car with pride, clearly thinking ‘yeah my car is cool…so cool even a foreigner is taking pictures of it’

Yep, although I’m not sure cool is the word.

He’s clearly seen all the things he’s wanted, matte paint job, chrome finish, the style where they highlight the lines of the car with reflecting stripes, and thought…I like all of these, but I can’t just settle on 1, so I’ll have everything…all on the same car.

That’ll impress everyone.

And what a car as well, a Ford Focus hatchback…keeping it cool all the way.

You definitely take more than a first glance with this car…so I guess it’s got that going for it.

Just to show you that not all those who go out of their way to make a stand oualright looking cart paint job in China manage to make it look like shit.  Here’s a VW Scirocco from Chengdu, i think it looks pretty decent.


beach bodies

“Get the beach body you always dreamed of”

These are advertisements in gyms in many Western countries around the world.

As my brother notes, it’s interesting how the perception of what a beach body is, has changed in recent years.

The in-shape appearance of someone who spends a lot of their time down the beach either running on the sand, surfing, swimming, surf-life-saving, all of this rewards you with a fit body with concentrated upper body muscle, a healthy tan and messy yet somehow always cool ‘surfers hair’.
That was the beach-body.

Now the beach-body has become something that people ‘attain’ in a gym, work hard away from the beach to get the result but not by doing any of the actual things that originally made such a body.
And then go down the beach simply to pose.

“oooh look at that, he has a nice beach-body”

That’s not a beach-body, he’s just a poxy gym junky that only cares about posing!

Something’s been lost.

Oh yeah but those that go to the gym in winter to get or maintain that perfect body, that’s dedication.

No…..actually still going to the beach during the winter, still going surfing, still helping out at surf-life saving no matter of the conditions, no matter that “it’s too cold”     that’s real dedication.

And you’re attaining a result from something that you love doing, surely that is to be more respected?

What happened?

Mine site logic

This is an article from my brother, from our home country when in early 2014 he visited a mine site

10 points to those who can guess which one it is.

What does a mine site which already has 3 taverns need?

-That’s right, another tavern.
And can you guess what they decided to build after building 2 gyms?
-You guessed it, a 3rd gym.

All of this would sound sensible provided there was a large amount of people working at this mine site, but….

Well how about a little background information to put everything in context.  This mine site, is currently actually not in production, it’s in its setup and construction phase.
When finished it will take 500 people total to operate.
Of course, those people that have some idea about mine sites will know that the majority of them are located in the middle of fucking nowhere.
As this one is.
In fact most mine sites that look like they have a town close-by, it’s because the town was usually built solely for the mine-site

So how many people does it take to build a facility like this?
Well initially not very much… just lots of heavy equipment.
But because these initial workers need chefs, gyms, taverns and a whole pile of support staff and which of course these people then in-turn need dormitories to live in…..
(there is really nothing out there) everything is built from scratch…

So in the end, its an ever ending process of hiring people to provide services for all the extra people you’ve just hired, at which the end only 500 people will use the facilities in which has now expanded to 5,000. Smart

Of course in a ‘modern, socially equitable country’ you have quotas to provide jobs to people you wouldn’t normally hire. So you’ve got people doing meaningless jobs.

People are employed to sweep dust away from footpaths, which in the this particular area surrounded by sand its the equivalent of trying to keep the tide away with a squeegee.  You’re fighting a losing battle and you look like a fool for trying, however if you’re on $80, 000 plus dollars a year it’s probably you that gets the last laugh.
‘10 000 000 hours no lost time injuries’ – Turns out broken bones and crushed limbs don’t break the lost time injury record.  In fact the only way to lose time from someone being injured is for someone to die.
Aboriginals hired, and which local aboriginal customs forbids certain aboriginals from talking to certain other people….which of course is not that helpful if you work together and communicating is a huge part of the job.
The leasing of certain equipment on a 2 year lease that would take the 2 months of leasing payments to actually own that same equipment.
Occupational health and safety which seems to do such a bad a job that takes 2 days to do needs 2 weeks.

Visiting a mine site in the process of development is just mesmerizing for all these reasons.


One time when I was in a restaurant in Beijing, ….. very seedy place, but unfortunately most ‘cheap and cheerful’ restaurants in Beijing, and pretty much all over China are like this…

But anyway, just ordered some Niu rou chao fan (beef fried rice) when a rat , a really massive rat came running out of the kitchen and ran up the wall and into the rafters of the restaurant.
I would suppose… if this kind of thing would happen in other places, it would be mixed with first commotion and yelling in the kitchen, followed by… I don’t know some sort of acknowledgement to the customers.
Instead, Nothing.
When we told them what we’d just seen the waiters just laughed at us.
‘Oh silly foreigners….of course there’s rats in here… what do you think you’ve been eating all this time?,   yes we know we say beef, or lamb, or whatever….but you should know by now it’s all rat’

I really hope this is not the case