Holiday form for working from home

Working from home in the morning… and then coming into the office later, apparently I need to fill out a holiday form for approval to work at home.   But I wasn’t intending to work from home, when people from the company call you for conference calls preventing you from leaving the house on time…then you can’t come into the office and fill out a form so that you can stay at home to work.

And a holiday form?
I’m not on holiday.  That’s not my idea of a holiday, staying at home taking calls and bothering some director in America for pricing structures.   If I was going to take an actual holiday then I wouldn’t be doing any work.

If it’s all about coming into the office to show that you’re working….then I’ll come into the office and just set up a bed in the corner and go to sleep.  Hey I’m at the office….using their balls for brains logic….I must be working.