I’m against stupid people

france no elecotrial college

I hate it when are people just post shit without understanding it.

I’m not anti-left, anti-right, against trump voters, against religion or anything like this, I’m just against stupid people.

Stupid people camp out in all these groups, and that’s who I’m truly angry with -the illogical, mentally deficient people of this world.

You can be cradling the correct answer, the least-dumb opinion, however if you don’t have the logic to be able to justify this, or make a reasonable argument as to why you believe this, … or just whole-heartedly take it as fact because that’s what you were taught and you didn’t question it… then you might find yourself actually part of the stupid group that I’m talking about.

This picture was posted in one of the social media chat groups I’m in.

When you read it, you’re like ‘oh yeah’ that does make sense, but considering the context it is posted in, it’s also a jab at the American political system whereby the Electoral College system ultimately is the decision for electing the President of the United States.

Some people don’t understand this, but unfortunately it’s just because they don’t want to understand it, and are the typical not-so logical people that I’m talking about.
If it’s a system in place, and has been for many years, you’ve got to wonder to yourself…
‘why is this the case?’
‘I wonder how it works?’…
‘I wonder what the potential situations are for which this would be required?’
If you just assume ‘ah it must be because it’s an old system and other people are stupid… that’s why it was never changed’
…. Then.. I’m sorry,  but you’re not thinking enough.

I realise that in this day and age, there’s such thing as trolling with the whole ‘pressing people’s buttons to try and cause a reaction’ and in this case ‘pretending not to understand the Electoral College’  just so someone can have a rant …and waste a huge amount of their own time.  (much like I’m doing now)

But, what happens if people don’t realise that others are trolling?  And by the way, from this particular post, from a guy nicknamed Sunny… I’m pretty sure it’s not trolling because he just posts this dumbass shit all the time.

I wrote a comment just asking if this was trolling, noting that no one should be still pretending to not understand the Electoral College system.  And I got this juicy number back.

<with all due respect.. “electoral college my ass.”. rules are meant to be change.. it was created like almost 300 hundred years ago, is not useful anymore.>
<The world “Democracy” means one man or women one vote. anything else after that is crap.>

For which after some other person said <no more political discussions>

I carefully wrote back

<Well because I’m not allowed to be political I have to phrase this more simply…
I just want to check @Sunny , you’re not a native English speaker right? And if you are… You might want to check on the definition of words before you just type whatever you assume it means, otherwise you might come across as an uneducated fool.
For your continuing education though… Just YouTube your confusions… No more reading for you, as this obviously proved too difficult with the definitions.>

For me, that was harsh.  If someone IS truly mentally deficient, then at least they’re usually not in a place of influence.   (Drumpf..reality check)

But usually they won’t be able to be qualified as teachers, or educators in anyway, so their impact is less severe.
However, in today’s modern world, any non-thinking, not-so-educated person can get on social media and start to influence other not-so-educated, non-thinking people.
In my mind, this is sad as it presents a new avenue for people to become stupid.

If people can’t be bothered to educate themselves, I think it’s terrible to be in a position to influence and ‘educate’ others.

This guy’s comment though… just shows he has no idea.  I’ve had to explain why such a system is in place to people that I know before.
Normally these people are very hot-blooded people.
They are quick to judge without finding out all the information.
However once you give 1 or 2 examples, which in my mind.. they should have been able to get themselves if they just spent a little longer ‘putting themselves in another’s shoes’,then they reluctantly admit…whilst secretely hating you for pointing it out, that ‘yes, this does make sense… and I guess it’s more fair like that’.

For example, if the states with the most people in them decided that the states that had the majority of resources but least people should just handover all the tax income for those resources to the federal government, just because the majority of people voted for it… Would that be fair?

The people of that State would want to secede from the rest of the nation to stop their resources and their income from flowing too much outside their State. And when they have a vote to secede it will be knocked down by the rest of the country, because obviously they don’t want this income source to disappear.

Just because the majority of people want to do something, doesn’t mean that its fair.

I think… and I use this term lightly because who knows what this guy is really thinking…. I think this guy’s meaning is that democracy is a ‘more fair’ political system.
Which is a noble notion.
That was, after all its intention.

However, since its inception, democracy has not been what it is today, it is constantly changing.  And what was considered ‘fair’ 100 years ago, is.. not what it is today.  However, the principle of the majority wins… clearly has its flaws.

For example, the majority of people used to believe the world was flat. 1 smart cookie after another proved otherwise… and eventually opinions were changed.  The majority of people in the United States were once for slavery… and in fact even democratically voted for slavery.  Does that make it fair on those enslaved?


For years the majority of voters were against women having the vote… does that make it fair for what women want?
Again the answer is no.

Whenever there is a vote, the outcome is always going to disadvantage someone, and in fact just because the majority of ‘voters’ want it… doesn’t necessarily make it fair.
The Electoral College is actually a pretty smart way of adjusting how the majority of population will have an effect on different states with a minority of people.

‘Hey’, says the majority of people, ‘let’s make all the states that are in the centre of the USA slaves’

centralUSA states

This would represent 39.45% of the population, and include 20 states.  So if the entire rest of the country voted for this ‘make central USA states population slaves’, then they would actually have the majority.


Well that seems like a fair thing to do right?
Fucking No.

Obviously this is an extreme example, but it’s this kind of examples for which the Electoral College system was enacted.
Each state has a designated amount of Electoral votes.

Electoral college votes per state
As you might be able to tell, most of this is based on population.  For example Texas has 38, while California has 55, (0.67) This ratio is very similar to the population comparison ratio.  Just as Texas as compared to Florida & it’s population & electoral votes.  (0.76)

However, for the smaller states and populations, the very minimum electoral votes they can have is 3.

The seven smallest states by population – AlaskaDelawareMontanaNorth DakotaSouth DakotaVermont, and Wyoming – have three electors each. This is because each of these states is entitled to one representative and two senators.

(source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electoral_College_(United_States)#Electors)

Take an example like Alaska compared to California.

State Population Population ratio Electoral votes Votes ratio
Alaska 741,894 0.0189 3 0.054
Florida 39,250,017 55

So as you might be able to see the ratio is bigger for Electoral votes as compared to just simply population.  But to be fair, it’s a drop in the ocean.

The point is, is that just because population votes in the majority it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fair.

An extra point… words have definitions.
I know I’ve been through this before, but.. the definition of a word isn’t whatever the fuck you assume it to be.
There is an actual definition.
Just by saying that ‘democracy means one man or women, one vote’ doesn’t actually mean that that’s the correct definition.

If you don’t know… or are not sure… look it up.


democracy definition ca


democracy definition oxford

Just because you have the feeling that the word means something… it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.

Many people confuse the definition of the word racism, and are happy to spout it whenever they are offended directly, or feel offended on behalf of someone else.  Just look it up, it’s generally discrimination based purely on someone’s race.

If Person A is being an absolute annoying fucktard, by driving like a piece of shit because they are on the phone all the time… and they happen to be black, Asian, Jewish, native …whatever race they are… other people legitimately have a right to call out those actions.
This is not racism.
People should generally be judged on actions before anything else.
To call it racism, is showing a lack of understanding for what actual racism is, and in my mind it’s belittling a serious issue by getting such things confused.

Definitions are important, if you don’t know it, look it up.  Otherwise you come across as an uneducated fool and you will embarrass yourself.  Use these correct definitions in the correct context… it’s not so difficult provided you’re willing to think a little.

And in my humble opinion, I think it’s a great shame that people don’t correct the people not willing to think about important things for more than a couple of seconds.
In today’s modern age, these less-than-intelligent people have access to influence more people like them.
And if we’ve seen anything recently, with the power of the vote… this can be a dangerous thing.