The intended idea of this website is about a study in perspectives

– For example there are many illogical things (from my perspective) that I see around, not just china, but everywhere…. (but of course at the moment, mainly in China)

The general kind of situation is one where you look at something happening, or that someone is doing or saying and you’re left with the raised eyebrows… and the confused and cynical look of

WTF? are you doing?‘ or

WTF are you thinking?

Have you not realised the stupidity in that??’

In observing this I will write an article about it, and explain the situation and why, to me, I think it is illogical- often with some fairly angry but poignant language — which to some people (granted… a select target audience.) will find it funny.

A lot of the articles include quite a bit of harsh language where it generally involves swearing at people who are extremely illogical.  However  in most circumstances the idea is not to be offensive (although sometimes it is)

, but the use of this language is simply used to extenuate the seriousness of the behavior and therefore the strength of the argument.

Articles will be tagged or categorized. For example in relation to my own articles, a lot of them will be categorised:  ‘Western view of Chinese’

Then the idea is to get a whole bunch of different writers, [of course they have to prove that they’re able to write in a funny writing style], and then witness their perspectives on things.

Therefore we’ll have ‘Chinese view on Westerners’;

‘Western educated Chinese view on normal Chinese’;

Chinese view on Chinese’&

‘Western view on Westerners’

For example currently there is a person writing an article in an unspecified Western country about his perceptions of a mine site he visited and the illogical behavior that they have in terms of wasting so much money.

This then will be categorized as ‘Western view on Westerners’

The idea in the future, is to have a quick biography on each writer, and the kind of things that influence them.  For example what tv shows they watch, what kind of things they find funny, favourite books, whether they are able to appreciate many forms of humour, this kind of thing.

In the end, basically the whole point is to discover, (whilst of course being able to read very funny articles- which I believe a lot of people would be able to relate to,)

is-  Have our upbringings influenced our perspectives as to what we see as logical or not logical?   or…,

Are some people born with an innate sense of logic?

And despite these different upbringings, and different influences on our perspectives are there certain things that all of these people find illogical?

It is my hypothesis that the 2nd option is more closer to the truth.

Note: The authors that contribute will obviously not be using their real names, nor shall there be any exact references to real people in the articles.    Instead many authors will go by tv show characters names that they appreciate.  For example I am diso stu (from the simpsons)

As for the future of the website, in time there will be a Chinese translation of all the articles, they will first be translated into ‘my Chinese’ (ie. very crap grammar) and then with the help of friends will be translated into actual Chinese.

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  1. Very good. Now do you apply your logical reasoning and deduction to a known standard. How do you claim logic or not without being affected by your own bias

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