Chinese Logic

I know a few of you know this already… but in the Chinese language, before English came along, or before outside thinking came along… there was no exact word for ‘Logic’

That’s why the word logic in Chinese is ‘逻辑’  pronounced luo ji.

It actually just a transliteration of the English word logic.

It’s interesting to note that the inference of this realisation is that the Chinese culture may not have had this concept before outside thinking…Western thinking came along.

That’s not to say that they didn’t use rational thinking to express ideas and present the equivalent to a logical argument. It’s just that ‘Logic’ as a concept most likely didn’t exist.

For example after hearing someone express a rational argument you can say ‘你有道理’ ni you dao li = You have reason / your argument has a good point.

Or you can ask the question after you’ve finished speaking ‘我有道理吗?’   wo you dao li ma? = Do you think my argument is rational?

But the individual component that is Logic, was traditionally never there.

And for those of you that are going to say…’hey well, logic and reason is pretty much the same thing’

Well I’ve already got you, pretty much is not exact is it?

Again, that’s the brilliance of the English language, we can convey so many exact concepts in just the right way, because all the words have exact meanings.  Many may indeed have similarities with other words, but their peculiarities stand them apart, and make them necessary to define the difference.

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