insecure idiots

I hate it when colleagues don’t add anything substantial to a series of emails other than making you appear stupid to other people…

For example I ask a question, and before doing so I provide my background understanding for the subject, after which I then ask my question.

And then they say/ write something like ‘Ok, let me explain things for you….’    and then proceed to type out exactly what you’ve written but in a different way.

To which  you’re like…. ‘yeah, thanks dickhead’
‘you didn’t actually add anything of substance’

All you really want to reply is a cold stated   ‘I know.’

All this person has really shown to you is that they’ve only got a loose understanding of the concept themselves, so loose that someone writing it in a slightly different way might confuse them, and they’re the kind of insecure dickwad that always wants to remain in control, and show others that they’re in control to ‘lead’ the project.  So will therefore CC  managers/ big bosses into the email sequence so that they ‘can understand that you don’t know what’s going on’

The only way to get around this is to write out your little background knowledge and then literally type ‘is my understanding correct?’  and underline it or something, and that way they have to address it.

Even then..

It’s not idiocy in this alone, rather more insecurity.
However when these people are showing that they would rather ‘lead’ or remain in control more than they would prefer to engage team members that actually know what’s going on….then I’m sorry, they’ve lost credibility and logic in my book.