GPS in safety vests?

I went into the warehouse the today, because I had to talk to the operations manager…and I was a little bored to be honest, and kind of just wanted to walk around, and as soon as I passed the designated ‘safe area’, I notice that there were many people not wearing their safety vests.
You know the ones I mean, the fluro vests that are required in warehouses to make sure that forklifts actually see where you are, and don’t accidentally run you over.

As a company that has met all the requirements and reached the highest trust levels within the country we’re operating in, we need to have these kind of safety requirements.  Plus, either way, its just common sense.
Getting your workers to wear safety vests, and protected steel capped boots etc is a way to protect your workers, keep them from injuring themselves, insure that efficiency is maintained…and stopping lawsuits etc…which of course will hurt your business.

Even if you’re a visitor, you’re meant to have a safety vest on. …again, it just makes sense.

So I was a little surprised a week ago when I walked into the warehouse to find that 1 of our workers looked like he didn’t have it on. And when I asked about it, was told.. ‘oh yeah, he has it on, but he has his coat over the top of it’

Well what fucking good is that?  The point is that you can see it.   If you cover it up with your jacket because you’re cold, then you can’t see the safety vest any more, can you?

So why don’t you put it over your jacket?

This, by the way, is in the Netherlands, not China anymore.
For those who have lived in China, or at least have read my other articles, it should be apparent that these kind of idiotic conclusions can be forgiven to some extent, because a lot of Chinese people just don’t think of the WHY; they literally do things because they are TOLD to do them, not because they’ve rationally come to the conclusion of why they should be doing something. Again as hopefully I’ve pointed out, this stems from their education system, government and to a small extent their culture.

Yet, this is the Netherlands!
So it just goes to show that its not just China that people come to idiotic conclusions.

So, back to the original story… today I went into the warehouse to see that whilst all of our warehouse staff had their safety vests on, our sister company, who shares our warehouse on some bullshit agreement, only had 1 employee out of 4 that had theirs on.

Then I realised that there was some guy working in the warehouse that I’d never seen before, and when I asked who it was, as member of our sister company calmly told me ‘oh, he’s one of our clients’

With me left thinking….’well, that doesn’t explain why the fuck he’s working in the warehouse, nor why he hasn’t got any of the safety clothing on.’

[Staff need to be cleared for safety reasons to work in a warehouse, you can’t just have anyone walk in and do it, government regulations…and again common sense]

With all these things, you don’t want to start your 1st conversation with someone for the day by just shouting at them for their idiocy.
So I calmly replied…. ‘has your side not got enough safety vests or something?’

Obviously implying that they should be wearing the fucking safety vests.

The worker was joined by a truck driver who now both tried to explain to me that sometimes workers would take the vests home.
As if that was a perfectly reasonably explanation.

Me: ‘why? … why would they take them home?’

After looking at their confused faces that clearly stated ‘why not?’

I continued, ‘they don’t have any reason to take them home, and there are hooks provided, its not like they don’t have anywhere to put them..  and they have little reason to steal them…because they’re worth less that 2 euros….so why would they do that?’

All I got back was..  ‘well you know, it still happens, sometimes people just forget’

By the way that this company’s workers act within the warehouse… yes I can imagine they forget, and whats more, I can imagine that they might purposefully take them hope for whatever bullshit reason too, because they’re constantly parking pallets in cordoned off walk-way areas. And constantly don’t give 2 shits.

Anyway, then I asked their operations manager the same questions.  But took a slightly different approach.

Thought, ‘fuck it, let’s just buy the vests we need for this other company, and be done with it’

The reasoning being that if there are always enough vests, then the other side can’t come up with bullshit reasons that there’s not enough, so they can’t wear them.

So asked this guy, plain and simple ‘ how many fluro vests do you need, because we need people to wear the vests in the warehouse, and it seems your side doesn’t have enough’

Very polite, right?
Whilst also implying somewhat that I know their side is taking them home, and that I was the one resolving their bullshit mistakes.

‘Oh I’ve ordered some 2 weeks ago, you don’t need to order any’

‘Well I think I do, because they should have been here by now; I’ve directed my warehouse manager to pick some up and by Monday he’ll have them, we just need to know how many?’

‘and by the way’,
I continued, knowing full well he was lying about ordering them because they don’t take 2 weeks to arrive,
‘why does your side never have enough?’

He vomited the same bullshit excuse, about people ‘accidentally’ taking them home….

And when I replied quite exasperated ‘But …why?… it doesn’t really make much sense, its so simple to take off a vest..’

He sarcastically retorted ‘ What, do you want me to put GPS devices in them so I can track where they are at all times??’

To which I was momentarily stunned, because I was thinking… wait… does he think he’s being smart?

Like, was that a smart retort for him? Does he think that I’m requesting something that is overly difficult from his staff?

‘What?, no… …wait do you think this is difficult?’   (to ask staff not to take vests home)

but what I thought was…
… maybe you shouldn’t be hiring staff that are willing to steal safety vests that are worth less than 2 euros, …what kind of security risk does that present when we have a warehouse full of hundreds of thousands of dollars of merchandise?; or that are so negligent that they can’t remember to take off their safety vest – what does that mean for how they’re going to properly handle themselves in the warehouse for other things?

This was the peaceful reaction.   Next time, I’m just going to be going up to whatever dickhead is doing something stupid, thrusting a safety vest towards them and saying ‘wear it , or you’re out!’

And how is it not obvious that people don’t understand that they can’t let whoever they want just walk into the warehouse?

Ah fuck it.  I seriously thought that in the Netherlands I wouldn’t have to deal with this  level of idiocy… but I guess I was wrong.

I don’t want to ____, but….

Ok so this started because I did a ride yesterday that I’d been looking forward to doing for a while, there’s a part of the great wall that you can actually ride your motorbike onto.  I just couldn’t miss out on something like that.  A friend has done it twice before, and it’s detailed on some of the motorbike forums in China.

I posted some photos up on Chinese social media, and I instantly got a whole bunch of people commenting, ‘wow that’s great, how can I go? I really want to do this too…’ etc.
From both Chinese and foreign riders alike.

So I posted the information on one of the motorbike groups for Chinese and foreigners using WeChat (Chinese social media)

For example, you can’t look at this and not be intrigued:

15.pic_hd copy


31.pic_hd copyAbsolutely amazing views, and such a hidden and interesting ride, and on top of it all, nice to get out of Beijing and do something that not many people have done.

Most people were just like ‘wow…yes…I’m doing that’

And then you always get one, one person that feels it’s his/ her duty to stand up for those that didn’t ask standing up for… and just generally to be ‘the voice of reason’ when reason was not called for…or actually constitutes ‘reason’

Which….starts me off on a rant about such douchebags.

So what was actually said:

Some dude:
-I don’t want to be a dick so I’m only going to put it out there. You think riding a bike on an already crumbling world heritage site is a good idea? I’m all for exploring and I’ve ridden out that way many times but for me I’d rather hike it than bike it. [Awkward]

-Just saying.

-Yeah it’s a good idea

-Like many Chinese friends have said to me, you think too much

I dislike these comments so much because there’s too many things to pull apart and analyse and to shout at this person at, that you inevitably end up just stating such a brief point, like ‘is it a good idea….nanh nah nah?’  ‘yeah it is’   translation- shut the hell up you moron.

“I don’t want to be a dick, but…”
“I don’t want to do ____ but…”
Well we know you’re instantly going to do whatever ___ is.
“I’m not racist, but…”    You know whatever comes next is going to be racist right?  Oh what and because the person has clarified up front, it makes it instantly acceptable?
No, it means the person stating this shit is unsure how its going to be taken….

“Just saying”

How about you have some adventure and if you think the Great Wall is worth saving how about you complain to the gov that’s been destroying it through ‘restoring it’ for the last 20 years or so??
Mr fucktard?

” I prefer to hike it than bike it”

What?,  you think because it rhymes it adds strength to your argument?
No, fuck off.

“Do you really think it‘s a good idea?”

Yes, motherfucker I do.

Did I mention Baam !

And its crumbling because
1. It was built with shit materials in some parts… and
2. Because people have been stealing bricks for centuries to make walls for their farms etc. Because guess what?
They were too poor to get normal materials.
And who’s fault is that?
Because they decided to park a motorbike there decades later?
No. Fuck off.
Learn some real history and some modern happenings.
And don‘t let your Chinese wife influence your opinion with her propaganda tainted mind.

All those propaganda tales that the government came out with, like documentaries stating ‘oh yeah you can see the great wall from space’

‘The chief engineer in charge of the wall at the time calculated down to the brick just how many bricks were needed for the completion of the wall’
‘it really showcases the prowess of Chinese construction knowledge’

What? ??

Just think about that for a moment, instead of doing the usually Chinese thing and just believing it straight away. First of all …you’re American, you don’t have the fall-back excuse of a crap education system that doesn’t teach ‘why?’ or critical thinking.
In fact if you don’t apply critical thinking….that’s just dumb.

You can see it from space?    Bitch please… you can’t even see it from the horizon, there’s too much pollution, or ‘fog’ and its way too deteriorated anyway; its not a wide wall, most of the time its as wide as the width of 3 cars parked side by side.

Can you see cars from space?
Then you can’t see the fucking wall, can you?

See…. Critical thinking.

You can….probably….probably see the mountain range… , but that’s not the wall is it?

And ‘the Chief engineer calculated it down to the last brick just how many bricks were needed, and as proof he made one extra and then placed it on top of the wall in a certain area to showcase his achievement’

That kind of claim is just so beyond stupid, it’s so beyond trying to understand it, it’s so ignorant to the history that is the Great Wall…. that to recite something like that makes me feel sad.

Sure, lets go with ‘he calculated it’    Sure, but he could have just calculated it incorrectly. That way you can still claim that you ‘calculated it’

That’s like…

quick mathematics

you can claim something, but other should looks carefully at what you’re claiming.







As beautiful as this is, and it is beautiful, do you really think these ‘bricks’ were part of the whole ‘calculation’??

Oh yeah and the history of the wall…. it wasn’t built in one go, it was built over dynasties, in irregular locations as well.

How do people believe this kind of obviously fake claims?

Americans… well I guess they have a fall-back of some rather dodgy public school systems too.




Is this where babies come from?

I was talking to a friend yesterday, and she said her colleague apparently until the age of 17 didn’t know which part of the body babies came from.  Well she did know, or rather she THOUGHT she knew, somehow her mum had convinced her that they were born from the armpit.

The Armpit…..

& like a dope, she didn’t think…. ‘but there’s no hole or anything in the armpit’ ‘i wonder how that works’ …..she just thought.. ‘oh yep, ok’

The armpit??  damn.

And until she was 17??


The only thing that justifies this thinking… or rather this ignorance, is in knowing the Chinese education system and culture a bit.

There is pretty much zero sex education.

And there is not a lot of thinking about ‘why?’  , as you’ve probably noticed from previous articles.

Also sexual experience and talking about it is pretty much zero apart from with very close friends, but it’s still majorly seen as taboo.

There is definitely no ‘talk about the birds and the bees’ between parents and their children.  And in many family situations, even though they do love each other and apparently ‘family values’ is something that’s placed above most western cultures, which I’m actually really not sure is true; they don’t show any of this, not really within the confines of their home and especially not in public.
Basically it works out that generally information is not shared so much between parents and children.  When a child asks why, generally (not all the time) but generally the parent in China is not confident enough (maybe confident is not the right word) to give their child the correct and informed answer.  So instead just say an answer, and hope that the problem will go away.

Sometimes they’re ignorant of the answer themselves, but don’t have the heart to say ‘I don’t know’ (as that’s a losing face thing. .even if it’s in front of their own child) But in a situation like this, clearly the mum knew because…she actually HAS a child.

And relying on the education system to teach the child sex-ed in china is just a fail.

Something a bit disturbing is that again, generally, people, both male and female don’t ‘maintain’ their bodily hair.
So it can be quite daunting for a foreigner when they come to China. A nice pretty, cute, and quaint Chinese girl and then Baaam armpit hair.

I don’t know if this plays into it at all… but there’s a lot of hair there, and down there… so maybe this girl just thought… ‘hey, they both have hair…why not?’

Although that’s pushing it.

Imagine though 2 people coming together, both knowing absolutely nothing about sex, the girl thinking that babies come from armpit; and there being way too much hair down there to make sense of things..  and then they’re expected to produce a baby.

Not even have sex, just ‘make a damn baby’.  Wow….. what a fantastic sexual experience that must be.

Curly hair = smart?

Hahah yesterday, I got a massage with a friend,
and the lady told me… I think black people are very smart
and when I asked her why?
She said, I think people with curly hair are really smart, yes I think having curly hair means you’re smart.

To which I asked, errrr so what about Chinese people then?


Using logic against her… poor lady she didn’t stand a chance.

Logic that what she alluded to, what she simultaneously, apparently unknowingly inferred was that the more curly your hair was, the smarter you were; and that those with straight hair…weren’t that smart.
Yet Chinese people all have straight hair… so?
Really? She didn’t get that from her own argument?

Tiger & natural selection

tiger natural selection






I think ….in something like this… its just natural selection.

If someone could ignore all the signs that say ‘Don’t get out of your car’
‘It is forbidden to stop’ etc, and on top of that just ignore plain old common sense, then this is something which yeah.. many people feel pity for her.

This is classic Darwin Award kind of stuff, where the ‘unfit’ remove themselves from society, however with one key difference.

This lady looks old enough that she might have already passed on her genes. So she doesn’t qualify.

Damn.  Forfeited 2 things in one day, her life and the award.

In the video below, which is showing the actual incident. (Apparently the woman was angry at someone in the car and decided to go out and sort him out…. however you’re right next to him?  what kind of stupidity translates to you having to get out of the car for that??)

Anyway, it becomes apparent that its just another case of, even though the warning signs are given, the WHY, which is so important, is not actually given.

You see this time and time again in China.  ‘Wear a seatbelt’ ‘it is forbidden not to’

The forgotten why: because if you crash, the inertia of you inside the car means that even though the car has stopped, you won’t have, and you’ll go flying through the windscreen and die.

‘Weight limit of 20 tons on this bridge’

The forgotten why: because this bridge was only made to cope with 40 tons, that’s 2 trucks of 20 or less each, if there’s 2 trucks of 25 tons each, the bridge will possible collapse and people will die’

‘Don’t get out of your car in a drive-in tiger park’

The forgotten why: because tigers are predators, they’re not domesticated animals, they are probably not fed that well so that they can provide some sort of ‘entertainment’ in China for the people visiting, so that when they actually are fed they ravage their prey / food, so getting out of the car in a park filled with hungry predatory animals means that you’ll likely be eaten.

People here… a lot of people are lacking what many would refer to as common sense, they’re not taught the ‘WHY?’ and their education is designed around not conditioning people to question things, or ask the ‘why’ for themselves.

If authorities think that people are just going to obey stated things like military orders, then they’re having a laugh.

What’s more, they seem to trust people to know the ‘why’ themselves when they know that they haven’t provided the masses the necessary conditions for that to be true.

I can’t stress that enough, if people are clearly not thinking about the WHY, or have the ability to supply rational and logical reasoning to a situation, then they need to be told, and shown examples of what happens when they don’t pay attention to the explicit rules.

If not, …. isn’t it just a form of messy population control?

Watch the News article here

air-conditioner…heights… no problem

Ok so this happened to a friend of mine, not to me.

He said there was a problem with his air-conditioner, it wasn’t working…or at least wasn’t working properly.

So he called the guy, and when the guy came over he asked my friend “where’s the air-conditioner?”

So my friend pointed to the window.

“uh ok”

Now in Beijing sometimes there’s a special ledge for the air-conditioner, sometimes there’s a special box, but sometimes its just a couple of brackets holding the air-conditioner to the wall.  As was the case for my friend’s apartment.

So this guy just climbs out the window onto the air-conditioner box with his legs dangling over the side, and now leaning downwards to fix the unit whilst sitting on top of it.

Wow, impressive.   Impressively stupid.

Generally, in China things feel like they are made to only-just-work, even though this is slowly changing, and the way the brackets were holding the air-conditioner to the side of the building was definitely done like this.

Even if that wasn’t the case, this guy had no safety harness and what’s more impressive was that he was 22 floors above the ground.

You might think to yourself, ‘ah well this is a guy that has balls’

Nope. He just hasn’t thought about the consequences involved if one thing goes wrong.

Very little thinking here sometimes, especially and ironically when it comes to protecting their own lives.

I think there’s enough driving stories that showcases that pretty well already.

Helmet safety, convenience is key

Yesterday coming back from huairou 怀柔,
I saw a guy not wearing his helmet, but he had it resting on his right wing mirror.

So not only was he not protected, he couldn’t see what was behind him.


Another guy a few days ago had his arm through his helmet and then he was gripping onto the motorbike like that, and of course not wearing it.
Inconveniencing himself and not being protected.  The best of both worlds.
Well done good sir, well done.

You need to move your bike….

2016-05-18 Wednesday

Today, normal day trying to take the bike to the bus station so I can take the bus to work.

They’re doing construction works in my building at the moment, of which they never tell you about… so woke up to drilling……

Lately I couldn’t chain my bike to the sign post outside the building because the foot path was under construction.  And I’ve found out the hard way… if its not tied to something, then it becomes an easy target for thieves.

So I actually tied it to one of the support scaffolding around the side of the building.

I went out this morning to try and unlock the bike… as there’s 2 guys working on the side of the building…

They see me, bend down near the back of the bike… fiddle with the lock for 10 or so minutes and finally give up.
I decided I was going to go inside to get some WD40 and have another go.

Anyway one of them looks at me and says in chinese…”you should move the bike because we have to do work here”

So I replied…”ah yeah, I would like to, bit the lock doesn’t work”

And he said… “no you should move… you see… work”

Me: “yeah I know, I can see… but the bike has a lock… the lock does not work. So I cannot move”

And then the 2nd worker comes and squats down on the ledge…looking at me… kind of making sure that I’m a foreigner (I had my helmet on but still, the mannerisms of foreigners are so different than that of chinese, he should’ve already known)

And so this guy says “你应该把车放在那边儿” which is exactly-
“you should regarding vehicle put over there”

To which I said …with a sigh….”yeah I know,…. I understand what you’re saying, but the lock does not work”…
then I pointed to the keys that I was showing them before yet this time ever more clearly,
“so if I can’t unlock the bike…. I can’t move the bike”

Them: “oh the lock”

Dude wtf do you think I was doing down there for 10 mins??
…use that thing between you ears.. that pea that you refer to as a brain and try to figure out what I might be talking about that would justify this given the situation.

Was I tying my shoe just randomly in that exact spot behind my motorbike with my helmet on?
Unlikely… but possibly.
But then why would I not be able to move the bike??

I know that often when some chinese people are talking to foreigners .. ‘the wall’-(the wall of incomprehension) comes up, because they just instantly assume that Mr foreigner can’t possibly understand the civilised language of chinese… so they’re not even going to try to listen / comprehend… so whatever comes out of Mr foreigner’s mouth… bugger it… I can not understand.

Something about being enclosed and away from other civilisations… or not enough education or something like this.

Anyway, the other guy says “..the bike…”

And then I stopped listening…  and just turned around and walked back inside…mumbling ‘idiot…shababdaba…morons’….and ‘what was I thinking?’

I mean yes… they’re illogical nut jobs for not being able to figure out a situation

but at that point I realised I was JUST as illogical because I was carrying on a conversation with these 2 idiots… and I KNEW they were idiots.. trying to explain something that wasn’t going to change anything
… the bike was still locked… it couldn’t be moved… and they were still idiots.

What the hell am I doing just standing here talking to these 2 morons ??



Profound questions

“If a tree falls in a forest, but no one is there to to hear it, does it still make a sound?”

Yes.     Next one.

“What does a one handed clap sound like”

Bart Simpson’s one handed clap
[from S02E06 Dead Putting Society]

“Can something exist without being perceived?”


What other brain busters have you got for me?

What is so difficult or profound about any of these questions?

Just because you can’t perceive it, it doesn’t mean that something doesn’t exist.

Before Isaac Newton came up with the theory of gravity, it didn’t mean that the laws of gravity had no effect because no one had ‘perceived it before’

…well I guess that’s ‘conceived’ actually.

Or that the world wasn’t actually round because no one had seen it before or thought about it before.  The world was still round, its just that no one knew it.

The tree falling in the forest. It’s just such a stupid question… I can barely bring myself to give it any credence.
If there’s a deaf person and a person that is not deaf standing in the forest at the same time as the tree falls, and the deaf person says… “I can’t hear anything”
First of all the other person would be like… “of course not, you’re deaf, are you only just figuring this out now?”  and then would use his sign-language to convey that actually the tree just made a sound as it crashed to the ground, in a more polite manner.

If you don’t hear anything because you’re not in a position to do so… it’s not to say that it didn’t happen.
That is not how sound works as well, it doesn’t just exist in your mind…it’s the vibration of air particles….wait why am I explaining this to you… I’m sure whoever reading this is thinking….’yeah man you’re preaching to the choir here’

And for those philosophical hippies out there… me explaining the concept of physics is not going to change their minds… they’re hippies, they are sometimes immune to logic.

“oh but you’re not thinking about the philosophical nature of the question”

Its not philosophical its just stupid, and it has an easy answer, but you’re so caught up in trying to seem profound and spiritual that you won’t even given logic a chance.

……I really … really don’t like hippies.

The colour of blood

“Blood inside the veins is blue, -because it hasn’t been exposed to air. And air oxidizes it turning it red.”

I feel dumber just for typing out what someone said to me once.

[you can learn a lot from the internet… But just quick advice…yahoo answers should never be your go-to solution.   For all its shamed, Wikipedia is a good source of reliable information (provided you have enough basic intelligence to search for the right things)]

I had a big argument with not just 1 but 4 of my former colleagues.

One of these colleagues by the way, was a former nurse.

I think now we know why she was a former rather than current.

Jesus. The lack of thinking of some people is incredible.

Even people that you thought were smart, you realise they’ve simply had more education than other people, but this further education still hasn’t (somehow) taught them to think rationally.
In this case they’ve simply remembered more details and thus they’ve been ‘educated’

Oh and I thought I might point out that these people were not Chinese. For the lack of rational thinking, Chinese people can be forgiven somewhat due to their generally terrible education system which focuses on remembering facts and regurgitating them at will.
Which to be fair, was and sometimes still is very important in what they need to do.  And of course with everything you’ve seen…history seems to be showing that many Chinese simply regurgitate the information they’ve been fed, despite it being obviously not true, something that a quick logical check would prove.

But no, these were 4 foreigners.  What’s more, fellow educators.  Another reason to feel sorry for Chinese students in China, they’re not just getting mis-information from their own educators but from the foreign ones too.
Poor, poor Chinese people

Anyway, there were 2 British people, 1 American person, and the nurse was from Mexico. (that woman was strange, and not because she was from Mexico…just, she was strange.)

redbloodbluebloodAnyway, I think I know where this thought came about that blood going in was blue and blood outside the body is red, it’s something like a science diagram that is written into some biology books.

It’s meant to make it easier to understand how blood going ‘in’ (passing the lungs) is not enriched with oxygen, and how afterwards it is.

It says “Veins (blue) carry oxygen-poor blood back to the heart”
“Arteries (red) carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart through the body”

It is the colour-coding they’ve used so that you could, or at least should be able to distinguish how each one carries either oxygen-rich or poor blood around the body. Not the colour of the actual blood inside those veins/ arteries.

In fact it’s the same as when you study mechanics the first diagram they give you is this: direct-injection-engine-2

To describe how fuel and air pass through the engine and then gets transformed into exhaust.
This of course doesn’t mean that petrol and air is actually yellowish blue, and that exhaust is brown, …. It’s just the colour coding of the diagram.

It’s assumed that if you’re studying basic principles of engines, you should have already seen the colour of petrol. – Which is light purple, or light green for diesel, and this is only because of the additives they add in it to change the colour, and it changes on each country too. For example these colours are only for Australia. In France for example Marine Diesel is blue.  You should not be so dim to think that this represents the natural colour of the product.

One person I was arguing against said, “well why is it that I can see that veins are blue in colour, huh?”
(whilst the 3 others looked on with interest)

From which I paused for a while, trying to see if there was more than curiosity behind their eyes… was this a trick? Was it a joke? Or did they really not know?

“Errr… didn’t any of you take physics in high-school?”

Ok so that answer was a no. Turns out Physics is a ‘smart’, poncy subject which apparently many societies don’t put much importance on because they’d rather focus on literature and philoshophy… rather than learning and understanding how things work and interact in our universe.

And whilst, many would say …”each to their own”

I, on the other hand can’t just let stupidity stand, otherwise it seems to fester and spread, and before you know it the human race ends up moving back in intelligence not forward.

“Well, your veins are blue because of the concept of refraction, it’s the same phenomenon that explains why the sky and the ocean is blue.”

Here you can see a twinkle in their eyes. …’There’s a chance of them comprehending’ ,I’m thinking

You can see cogs beginning to turn.

“You don’t think individual air particles are blue in colour do you?, and you’ve seen that water isn’t actually blue, so why is it?”

More cogs turning.

“The reason is that certain frequencies of light will pass through various thicknesses of layers of light-permeable material at different angles”

“For the sky at least, you know it’s not just pure oxygen up there?   In fact between ‘space’ and us there is increasing densities of air, nitrogen, oxygen CO2 all this kind of stuff and it creates layers of air, and the frequencies of light that are higher refract the more (bend the more) and therefore is the one that reflects more in whatever medium it is in.  Reds, oranges, yellows, all penetrate, each refracting and reflecting.  But blue through certain material, has even more chance of reflecting.  ….For our atmosphere, and our oceans…again, this is blue..  and guess what, for your veins, it’s the same.

The actual colour of your veins is an opaque white, the colour inside them is red, however this combined with the density and pigment of your various layers of skin basically shows different variations of a blue colour.”

Ok so the cogs were turning, but obviously a twig got caught in there halfway or something. Because they were crunching and not really turning anymore by the time I finished.

Silence, until “no I’m pretty sure they’re blue because the blood inside is blue.
Ask Marisella, she was a nurse, she’ll know for sure”

Ah…. Ok… “so Marisella, what do you say?”

“Well, actually”, says Marisella matter-of-factly, “spent blood is more of a purple colour”

Errr… no Marisella, unfortunately it’s not, unfortunately because before I believed you when you said you were a nurse previously, and now.. I just think you’re a crackpot.

“errrr… well, I don’t know what to say”

I was dumbfounded, because of these people’s stupidity, and in particular from this ‘Nurse’s’

And then they pounced.. “well yeah,” one of them tried to accommodate me…now trying to ‘teach me’, “if you cut yourself it comes out red because its oxygenating when it comes into contact with the air”

Even the supposedly ‘educated one’ was nodding now.

“Errr… well, what about when you give blood? Or do a blood test?” I probed.

“Yeah it’s red”

“Yes but think about it, inside the syringe is a vacuum, there is no air in there, is there?  That’s what creates the sucking ability… the fact that there’s no air… yet it’s still red, isn’t it?”

Ooo cogs began slowly turning again but then a look a pain across 2 of their faces, and the ‘nurse’ said “well I’m going to get some food.. maybe some red food”

Eeerrrr did they learn a lesson?  Did they find out some new information? Did they learn to question their immediate thought when they first looked at an old biology diagram, and try to apply some rationality and logic to it to give it more than a moment’s thought?
They just gave up, because it was all too difficult, and apparently it didn’t really affect their lives.

Aarrgghh!  How can people go on reflecting this level of stupidity?

This is the real stupidity, not ‘not being smart’ because they haven’t studied a lot of things, because they can’t remember and regurgitate out so many facts, but because people just don’t think enough, they just don’t apply enough rational and logical thinking to huge aspects of their life and situations around them.

In this case it doesn’t matter how much rational thinking, logic and science you drop on people… sometimes they just don’t want to believe you.