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tiger natural selection






I think ….in something like this… its just natural selection.

If someone could ignore all the signs that say ‘Don’t get out of your car’
‘It is forbidden to stop’ etc, and on top of that just ignore plain old common sense, then this is something which yeah.. many people feel pity for her.

This is classic Darwin Award kind of stuff, where the ‘unfit’ remove themselves from society, however with one key difference.

This lady looks old enough that she might have already passed on her genes. So she doesn’t qualify.

Damn.  Forfeited 2 things in one day, her life and the award.

In the video below, which is showing the actual incident. (Apparently the woman was angry at someone in the car and decided to go out and sort him out…. however you’re right next to him?  what kind of stupidity translates to you having to get out of the car for that??)

Anyway, it becomes apparent that its just another case of, even though the warning signs are given, the WHY, which is so important, is not actually given.

You see this time and time again in China.  ‘Wear a seatbelt’ ‘it is forbidden not to’

The forgotten why: because if you crash, the inertia of you inside the car means that even though the car has stopped, you won’t have, and you’ll go flying through the windscreen and die.

‘Weight limit of 20 tons on this bridge’

The forgotten why: because this bridge was only made to cope with 40 tons, that’s 2 trucks of 20 or less each, if there’s 2 trucks of 25 tons each, the bridge will possible collapse and people will die’

‘Don’t get out of your car in a drive-in tiger park’

The forgotten why: because tigers are predators, they’re not domesticated animals, they are probably not fed that well so that they can provide some sort of ‘entertainment’ in China for the people visiting, so that when they actually are fed they ravage their prey / food, so getting out of the car in a park filled with hungry predatory animals means that you’ll likely be eaten.

People here… a lot of people are lacking what many would refer to as common sense, they’re not taught the ‘WHY?’ and their education is designed around not conditioning people to question things, or ask the ‘why’ for themselves.

If authorities think that people are just going to obey stated things like military orders, then they’re having a laugh.

What’s more, they seem to trust people to know the ‘why’ themselves when they know that they haven’t provided the masses the necessary conditions for that to be true.

I can’t stress that enough, if people are clearly not thinking about the WHY, or have the ability to supply rational and logical reasoning to a situation, then they need to be told, and shown examples of what happens when they don’t pay attention to the explicit rules.

If not, …. isn’t it just a form of messy population control?

Watch the News article here


The one day that I HAD to drive to work last week, was the one day that it snowed in the whole work week and it snowed heavily.  The roads were dangerous because of the snow, it wasn’t completely snowed over, but it was slippery enough, but the real problem was that because it was snowing so much it was covering up the visor of my helmet so quickly that I couldn’t brush it off fast enough.  Adding to the fact that I couldn’t see so well was that it’s Beijing and of course its polluted and snowing the sky was a mix of grey-white, and many cars despite the fact that visibility is as low as it could be many cars didn’t have their lights on. I hate it when cars don’t drive with their lights on, which in China can be pretty much all the time, regardless of the situation.

Now this is nothing so new in China because technically the government says it’s illegal to drive with your lights on during the day, even for motorbikes, and as I assume logic would mean this excludes  exceptional circumstances…who knows what this could be. (pollution, raining, snow/ dust storm, government induced thunderstorm to wash away the pollution)  Either way people don’t really follow every rule that the government sets, they usually do whatever the hell they want, which means that they’re not using their lights simply because of their own reasons.

Their own idiotic reasons of course.

What they’re actually thinking of course, is ‘well I don’t need my lights to see them, because I can see them already’
And you know why you can see them?
Because they have their damn lights on!
And you know why people are going to crash into you?
Because you don’t have your lights on, and we can’t bloody see you.
This is probably the reason why these very same people never indicate when they turn corners.
‘I don’t need them, because I can see what I’m doing’

Yeah but that’s not the point!
The point is that other people can see you so that they know how to act around you

Bloody morons.

This makes me think, if we know how drivers think …or rather don’t think, what is the government thinking when they say you can’t drive with your lights on?
Are they trying to get people into accidents?

Mini skid crash

Was driving to the subway station to go to work one day and there was a black car in front of me. He was in the middle of 2 lanes so it’s not like I could overtake him, or at least safely. He slowed down a bit, looked like he was stopping… so I slowed down too… and then nope he sped up.. so I sped up, and then some guy from the right hand side waved a hand and therefore.. he just immediately stopped.
Well done dickhead!
Yep sped up, and then stopped without warning.
No indicators…. or anything…and so I braked hard but still managed to slide into the back of him…probably only about 5kmph by the time I hit. But still, it took me surprise and so the bike fell down.
The guy who had stopped got out of his car, first took a look at the back of his car and then looked at me with disdain in his eyes.
And…. I ..went mental.

First of all, he could tell that I was a foreigner..and I’m sure he was thinking…ooo I can get some money out of this.
But instead, I replied angrily in chinese.. (which obviously & satisfyingly he seemed surprised)
Why did you Just stop huh?, you just sped up? And then just stopped…. and then pointing at his indicators… do you know what these are?? Why didn’t you use these huh?
To which he replied… you were driving too fast.
Ahh. I was driving too fast (which is not so true) so that absolves you from driving like an absolute shithead??
I have a heavy bike, but in my anger I picked it up easily.
And then some old guy comes out of nowhere and looks at me and says “…oh its OK, you can go.”
As if he was forgiving me on behalf of this driver of my idiocy in causing a crash.
What you think this is MY fault?
The guy that put out his hand slightly chuckled to himself and when I turned to him he went real quiet real quick. As I started explaining to this old guy that this idiot in front of me caused an accident (not realising that I shouldn’t have to justify myself to a complete stranger, nice stranger, but one that wasn’t part of the conflict) the actual driver said in a threatening tone… should I call the police?
What I wanted to say was…. “you know what, yeah let’s call the police, in fact I’ll call the police, this was your fault, driving like a fucktard, you stopped unsafely and guess what…I’m not like most foreigners…my bike is fully legal, I am fully legal..you have nothing on me. And.. what’s more… I’m pretty sure that the reason you stopped is because you were picking up this guy on the side of the road, and as you’re not a taxi it means you are doing dididache.” (An Uber like service which was made illegal in china). … “so what do you think the cops are going to say about that?”
But I was already running late.

Then again, I happen to know from friends and the foreign motorbike community here, that whenever there’s an accident its coincidentally always the foreigners fault and in 60~70% of the cases the person that was following’s fault…. unless of course there is indisputable proof.
Why? I think mainly because police seem to be here to just keep the peace, they do as little as possible to ensure that everything continues on chugging on even if nothing is perfect or that the ones responsible are really held responsible for their actions.
So I think, as a friend suggested…I might just get a GoPro and make one of those helmet cameras. To give that irrefutable proof…. to those idiots.
Or… get something that teaches these idiot drivers the error of their ways…like a tazer. Or..a cow prodder or something. Or I guess I could just head-butt them with my helmet…although that may draw unneeded attention to myself.
But as I’m thinking about all of this, I realise that these drivers seem to be incapable of self reflection, this guy never believed for an instance that it was his fault. Or that he could have driven better.
Or that because he was completely unaware of his surroundings he was going to be causing more accidents.
As a friend says, “If he wants to hurt himself, OK. But as soon as you start endangering others..well that’s when I can’t take it.”
…how are these people on the road?
How are these people surprised when people get angry with them?
Maybe it’s the theory of ‘constant chaos for control ‘ that some have thought is the domestic strategy for the CCP to remain in control.
More about this later.

magical doors and the lucky ones..

I went to discuss a potential business idea with a friend at the local coffee shop located in a mall. I was faced towards him, and he was faced towards me (obviously) but he also had a view of the electric sliding door.

I was explaining an idea I had, when his jaw kind of just dropped, and he was glancing at the door…and then he started giggling to himself.

It turns out he was looking at a Lao tai tai. (Old Chinese grandma) who apparently couldn’t figure out how to work the automatic electric sliding door that would allow her to get into the mall.

Apparently there were 2 such Lao tai tais before this, for which this 3rd one was now making my friend laugh, because it seemed to be now an inherently Lao tai tai problem.

Throughout the course of our conversation there were another 3 plus one 20 something year old girl, so 6 + 1 in total.

We stopped to watch each one whenever it happened.

These old ladies…these poor old ladies ‘bless them’, evidently walked up to the door in such a way that the sensor failed to see them. And these old ladies blessed with their lovely Chinese education system had never thought about why? Or how? one of these automatic sliding doors worked, so apparently couldn’t figure out that the sensor controlled the door.
Therefore they didn’t move back to allow it to see them, or wave their hand or anything, and unfortunately for them, whenever they did move, they moved in such a way (like parallel to the door) that the sensor still couldn’t see them.

Different old ladies were knocking on the door… trying to push it open, looking behind them for some reason… one old lady even put her head so close to the glass I thought she was going to try and lick it to see if that would help.

In the end the door opened, not because they did anything that guaranteed it, but because someone else came from behind and the sensor caught them.

So I can’t help but think that these old ladies simply came to the conclusion that the door was magical, and that they had to do something special to get it to work, but couldn’t for the life of them figure out what that magical act was.

I kind of imagine that perhaps those old ladies are still stuck in the shopping centre afterward not figuring out how to open the automatic doors that allow them to get out of the shopping mall. Although there are so many people in China that there was bound to be some ‘magical’ person to come up and help them.

A little thought crept into my mind that day… and has stayed with me for a while.. was If these people can’t figure out something basic like an automatic sliding door… the how? And the why? A basic example of cause and effect,

So, how have they got so far through life?

This is a pretty basic concept.  You would have thought that all the turmoil that China has been through that these people that are unable to grasp these basic concepts…would just die. It would be an actual human example of Darwin’s ‘Survival of the fittest’…or in this case smartest, and as these people were clearly at the back of the line at the time they were giving out the brains, they should have failed Darwin’s test.

Amazing that these people are still alive.

In fact… maybe we’re just seeing the lucky ones.

why? no why.

16th September 2015
Recently when some Chinese guy asked where I was from, and I said Australia, I was surprised to hear a different reaction than the standard “oh Australia…yeah yeah…kangaroo, kangaroo, kangaroo!”

Instead he said…. “I think Australian’s are racist towards Chinese people”
When i gave him a quizzical look, he continued…
“recently there’s been some things in the news about Australians not treating Chinese people very well…….like i don’t know why  Australian people don’t like Chinese”

First of all…. Hahaha I think it’s funny that this guy dropped the ‘racist’ bomb when he is Chinese, but then again Chinese have throughout history have never seen the irony in anything they’ve said or done. In my view Chinese people are the greatest practitioners of unknowing, unintentional irony.

Anyway, 2nd – wow a Chinese guy that actually knows a bit about what’s going on in the world. …well… I didn’t get too hopeful about that, because as you’ve seen…he’s done the classic Chinese thing  of jumping straight to the result, and not asking why an event culminated in that result.  Basically just not asking why.
But he’s grown up in the Chinese education system… where this ‘why?’ is not a big area of focus.
So that, I can forgive.

A classic example of this is , 为什么?  没有为什么. (why? , no why? )
Really promotes the open education system they’ve got going on here.  And what’s more is that people generally seem satisfied with that answer.  Amazing.

Right, where was I?  Oh right, Australia, racists, Chinese… irony, not understanding there could be a reason..blah de blah,

What I find strange is that this confuses the mainland Chinese people.   Well to be honest, not strange, because as you can see above… I can justify this in some way .

No, we don’t like MAINLAND Chinese, because you nuggets don’t integrate and in the meantime take the time to insult us in your own language about the country in which you now have the privilege to live in , whilst also simultaneously ripping on our culture.
And  we’re expected to be friendly towards you because of that?