My ‘because China’ manifesto

I can’t comprehend why others don’t understand that even though you can live in a place where dodgy shit often happens, that some people may actually like that.

Its the same reason why the English go on holiday, just so that they have another reason to have a good moan.

Their simple minds just process it as, ‘don’t like it….oh, only 1 solution then, just leave’

No no no,
There are complex reasons why people stay in a place of discomfort… and one of them, is to continue to see how much shit can happen, and provided its not happening to you, to take enjoyment from the hilariousness of it.
When you can see a simple answer to the problem, yet others have the logical reasoning ability of a pencil, then….it’s just funny

Its what we all think from time to time i’m sure.

China is a great place to live.  when its good its good, when its dodgy, its funny…but still pretty good

Comment from a person in the ‘because China’ group after seeing a runaway tractor clip where it’s going round in circles but the guy can’t catch it:

‘We don’t have runaway tractors in ‘Murica. That’s mainly why I live here’

I like the potential thought process ‘i need to move…but which country? .. which country has the most run away tractors?….China.  Done.’

Him: ‘And there ya have it’