The good old 山寨车 (Copy car)

land wind landrover crash 2 landwind landrover crash

For the pictures above, one is  the RangeRover Evoque, and the other is the Landwind L7, but which one is which?
(obviously the one that says RangeRover is the original one)

Apparently… and I didn’t know this before, its the same factory that makes them here in China, which makes it even more amazing that the Chinese court ruled in favour of the copy car.  (Copy for design)

The Chinese have a word for this its called 山寨车 Shan zhai che, everyone knows this happens, which again makes it impressive because if everyone knows it, yet the courts still rule against it… well thats just extra special.


Chinese innovation

I just bought a new motorbike. A Chinese one, after I swore I’d never get another Chinese bike, but after riding it, and it put a smile on my face, and after I was assured by a friend that the brand participates in motocross so the quality level is higher than other Chinese motorbike brands…I thought, yep, lets give it a try.

shineray 2 fuel tank lights

As it turns out that it warns me if I’m getting a call or…if anyone around me is getting a call.

[The picture on the right has the icons, on mine it doesn’t]

To be honest I appreciate the creativity for this kind of feature, but hahaha not if the range is 4 meters or something and is telling me that other poeple’s phones around me are ringing.

Woohoo Chinese innovation!!


Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The egg.


Dinosaurs had eggs, and dinosaurs were alive way before chickens ever existed.

So the answer is quite obviously –The egg.

“Oh but you see it’s a cycle, you can never say which one came before, because the other one came before it”

Ah….No.  If one of them came 65 million years before the other one, it’s not much of a cycle is it?

“oh but you’re ruining the intended purpose of the question”

I think we know the intended purpose of the question…and that is whoever asks the question is retarded, and doesn’t have the ability to think about something longer than 1 second. They want to appear profound but they’re just promoting idiocy.

Philosophical question?

bender laugh harder

Hahahaha, Oh wait you’re serious?!?    Let me laugh harder….

Yeah, Only for the stupid, or… I guess also for those that believe in Creationism…. Oh wait no…my point still stands, only for the stupid.



pandas 1Pandas are the most loveable nearly extinct animals in the world.

I mean who cares if some insect goes extinct because of human environmental meddling?
Or a certain breed of snake or something?
But everyone cares if the Panda goes extinct… because I mean look at it, so adorwwfable.
This is probably why it’s the poster-animal of the World Wildlife Fund.

Panda research is done in China, where most of the research gets put into making these loveable idiots breed.

You see Pandas seem to lose interest in mating once they’re in captivity.

And whilst everyone knows that Pandas are renowned for eating nothing but Bamboo, it was my mum on a recent trip to Chengdu and to the Panda breeding centre that asked the question, “well they seem to be very much like normal bears, they still have meat-eating teeth, so can they just not eat meat anymore? Or can their stomachs only handle Bamboo?”

She asked this to our bus driver and to the local guide that we had who works for the centre.

“Oh yeah, to be honest they can eat meat, and in fact a lot of the Bamboo they eat doesn’t get fully digested.”

With my mum’s questioning eyes, he continued  “oh yeah, but the meat makes them more aggressive, so we prefer not to feed them meat”

My mum and I just looked at each other utterly surprised.

More aggressive? Wait, so you’ve been making them docile on purpose, feeding them something that they can’t even digest properly, and then you wonder why they don’t have the energy for sex?

They don’t have the energy for anything.pandas 2

At least give them a bit of meat, an aggressive horny panda is surely better than one that only wakes up for munching on some bamboo and then rolls over and goes back to sleep.

How about you put a little more research into that element huh?

You can read about this online, it’s true. Pandas were never hunters, but they did eat meat by scavenging, perhaps that was enough before to make them somewhat reproductive.


Also the first time I went to this Panda breeding centre just outside of Chengdu there was a mini-museum walk-around paying homage to the Giant Panda, and like many Chinese things they collected a bunch of information from all sources and put it together, they made some sort of timeline out of it, but didn’t pay too much attention to the details.

There was a picture and beside it was a caption stating the quizzical statement ‘Nobody knows why the Pandas seem to die out’  and in the picture was 4 men carrying a Panda inside a supposedly hard bamboo cage all wearing hats made out of Panda fur.

The next picture along was ‘The traditional uses of Panda in Chinese medicine’

Yeah, I’ll tell you why their numbers are so thin, probably these 4 guys wearing dead pandas on their heads ahd quite a bit to do with it.

And where are they taking that particular Panda do you think?  Across to the next picture so they can make some virility medicine?
Let’s hope this is when the Pandas were at least still eating meat.

Now… the centre has conveniently removed these pictures, most likely because many foreigners were taking pictures of them and secretly laughing.

I’ll try to find the picture.


insightful graphics or professions of an idiot?


Who the hell finds this remarkable?

I hate it when illogical nutjobs post things like this.
They’ve clearly spent some time and effort to make the damn picture to create something that they believe is profound.
But let me tell you, it’s not.

How about you just put some effort into thinking about this instead of immediately creating some sort of fancy graphic?

You see there’s such things as services.

All these companies are Service companies.

And these particular ones that you’ve listed out are intermediary service companies, they connect those that need the service with those that can provide it, but… perhaps lack the network and resources to organize something themselves.

It’s not that hard.  In fact children can figure this stuff out.

Why do we as adults have to see a picture like this and share it around to show to others how ‘insightful’ we’ve become?

You’re just showing to others that you’re an idiot. Surely.


best ‘Chinese’ paint job ever

multi coloured car1multicoloured car 2

I saw this car a while ago, wow, just wow.

Originally it drove past a friend and I as we were walking on the street but I was too slow to get my phone out of my pocket.  But then as we rounded the corner at the next intersection there it was.

(I had to make these pictures full-size because otherwise the fluorescent yellow stripes ‘extenuating the lines of the car’ on the silver are not so clear)

The owner was just inside a store as I was taking pictures looking at his car with pride, clearly thinking ‘yeah my car is cool…so cool even a foreigner is taking pictures of it’

Yep, although I’m not sure cool is the word.

He’s clearly seen all the things he’s wanted, matte paint job, chrome finish, the style where they highlight the lines of the car with reflecting stripes, and thought…I like all of these, but I can’t just settle on 1, so I’ll have everything…all on the same car.

That’ll impress everyone.

And what a car as well, a Ford Focus hatchback…keeping it cool all the way.

You definitely take more than a first glance with this car…so I guess it’s got that going for it.

Just to show you that not all those who go out of their way to make a stand oualright looking cart paint job in China manage to make it look like shit.  Here’s a VW Scirocco from Chengdu, i think it looks pretty decent.



Chinese strange snacks

Someone brought in a bunch of these things into the office one day and shared them about.

yummy chinese food 1yummy chinese food 3

yummy chinese food 2Very thoughtful and interesting to try, but unfortunately the end result is a no from me.

The thing is my colleagues knew it was weird because they watched me try them.

The long white one covered in sweet chilli kind of flavour has the texture of a tyre, incredibly rubbery and gives you the feeling that there is no nutrition in there in any regard. In fact it begins smelling like a burnt tyre after a while, and that’s when I gave up.

The other one I tried was seemingly just a bunch of chilli moosh mashed into the shape of a square. Mmmm  appetizing.

There were a few others, but if 2 out of 2 was not my thing, and the rest looked and smelled more or less the same, that’s me done.

This is just a casual wondering by now, because Chinese people are seemingly not going to stop with their love of eating things that other cultures find strange, but with so many great foods out there, why go out of your way to make foods that are incredibly strange?
Especially with no clear merits in any way….it wasn’t particularly spicy, sweet, yummy, satisfying in terms of texture, it had no nutrients.
It’s the equivalent of eating dried spaghetti and claiming it’s a famous snack.
And don’t tell me I’m picky by the end of it.
Yes given a choice I’d rather not eat it, because it doesn’t do anything for me.
You don’t eat things ‘just because’. Surely there’s some reason for it?

Oh well, the girl that works opposite me just continually woofed them down, so at least she was happy.