Dangerous Foreign Love article

ABC china warns women of foreign spies in dangerous love comic

China’s first annual National Security Education Day, see both links

Hahahah , there’s been some recent commenting about this online from a lot of foreigners, and from some Chinese too, but I feel they’re not really addressing some of the key issues here.

First read the article, and then …what do you find strange about the way the Chinese depict themselves?

1st scene, there are apparently 2 Chinese girls speaking. (This is how the government thinks Chinese girls look like)   Basically exactly like foreigners.

I mean yes, they’re speaking Chinese, but 1 has red hair and the other has brown hair…. I’m pretty sure everyone in China has Black hair, so either these are the most rare of Chinese girls, have dyed their hair (maybe because they’re not proud of their Chinese heritage) or…are actually foreigners. typical chinese girls
Also both these girls have large eyes. … mmm even Chinese people know that’s not a common trait.
To be fair its also how Japanese people portray people in their cartoons… maybe the Chinese gov. are just big fans of Japanese culture and so of gone with the same depiction?

The first thing uttered is “今天有个外国朋友组织的聚会,你不是要提高外语水平吗?跟我一起去参加吧。

And the translation from the article is pretty much correct, but it leaves out the fact that if a person says ‘foreign friend’ it would mean that it’s a Chinese person saying it, because foreigners here would just say friend.
So the implication is that these are indeed 2 Chinese girls speaking.

Scene 2, David (the foreigner)… speaking perfect Chinese, welcomes them to the party.

As we now know hair colour and waviness is nothing to go by…because apparently these are perfectly normal Chinese traits, the only way you can tell that David is a foreigner is that he has a big nose. david the obvious foreigner
Obviously all foreigners have big noses.

Oh and he is wearing glasses.

Traditionally though, isn’t it generally Asian people that wear glasses?
So either the glasses signify that he is meant to be intelligent, or the Chinese gov. thinks that foreigners are blind, because one of the guys at the table could actually pass off for being Chinese, but he is not wearing glasses, so what does this infer?

Oh and ‘naturally brown haired’ Chinese girl, weren’t you there to practice your ‘Foreigner language’ skills.
You seem to be speaking an awful lot of Chinese… what are you doing?


In the translation, it doesn’t even specify what foreign language it is… its’ just generalised…’foreign language’.
Because the rest of the depictions are completely generalised right? Like Chinese girls with red hair and brown wavy hair….yeah sure.

This kind of cartoon or ‘educational awareness propaganda’, it’s one of these things that you look at and a thousand thoughts pop into your head at once, there’s too much to deconstruct, you’re just left staring at the poster shaking your head as you quietly have a brain aneurysm and a small trickle of blood dribbles from your nose.

Apparently Xiao Li is the typical gov employee, and there’s enough of a problem that people need to be told this information en masse… which means that the training to keep secrets actually secret is not good enough…… en masse.

Just how naïve is this girl?
Plus as a side note… isn’t she getting fatter in the pictures?
When she’s sitting on the bench …she’s clearly slightly fatter right?

Or… is this a ploy by gov officials to coax foreign potential spies into thinking that Chinese state employees are all that naïve, and then the Ch. Gov. can catch foreign spies more easily?

Oooh hoooo…clever…    haha I think perhaps we’re jumping ahead of ourselves.

OFFICER: “You show a very shallow understanding of secrecy for a State employee.”

Hahahah and who’s fault do you think that is?

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