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Why On Earth Would You Ban Electric Bikes Before Cars?

Yeah… better read the article before you read this.  But it relates to an article I posted before with regard to a Chinese article attacking motorbikes for Electric motorbikes problems called ‘禁摩限电’ – literally ‘Ban motorbikes, limit electric scooters’

I originally thought this article was written by a foreigner, as it was posted on a foreign wechat subscription account.

The writer states, quoting some Chinese article written about the issue previously.
According to a news report, they (e-scooters) are banned for the following reasons: 

(1) They can cause traffic jams. 

(2) Some people use electric bikes as a “taxi” to make money, which is illegal.

(3) Because they are very fast, they often cause traffic accidents. 

(4) Most of them are not licensed and hard to govern.

These, the writer infers are not good enough to ban the bikes.

True, these are not good enough reasons to ban e-bikes, because they should not be banned.

But the simple fact is, (which the article the author quotes conveniently left out) is that in #3 ‘they are very fast, they often cause traffic accidents’ is not the reason why they cause traffic accidents.


This leads me to believe the writer of the article quoted was a Chinese person, and the fact that this writer didn’t correct them, then they must also be Chinese.


Well because of a general mentality here that:
driving fast = unsafe,
not that    driving unsafely = unsafe.

It infers that driving slowly automatically = driving safely.

No. That’s complete bullshit.

If that was true, it would mean that old people are the best drivers.
And I think we can agree that that’s plainly not true.

If you drive slowly but run red lights… it doesn’t mean that you’ll be safe from the car that has right of way going 80km/h going through the green light as they crash into you.

That right there should be logic.

A lot of electric scooters consistently run red lights, and consistently break traffic laws.

We could assume 2 things from this.
1.) Because they don’t have to get a license for the e-scooter, they actually don’t know what the traffic laws are… although you could argue of course that its common sense, or
2.) Because laws are hardly ever enforced here… they learnt, ‘hey if I can get away with it…let’s go for it’

So, solution?   Enforce the damn laws.
Make an example of all those retards that can’t figure out simple common sense.

Sure if you want to commit suicide then go for it.. but please don’t endanger everyone else.

Next time someone runs a red light. Electric scooter gone. Impounded, destroyed.
And you may be thinking…‘Why don’t they just make it a fine, maybe impounding bikes is too harsh?’
Trust me on this, if they can’t figure out that their life is worth more than the 10 minutes they save from running a red light, then they might need a fairly harsh lesson.
Also, if its just a fine some people will inevitably dress up as police and just collect ‘fines’ from all the e-scooters.  (and there’s a lot)
Or 100 kuai on the spot fine enforced by a team of police with the impound truck nearby.
They could literally enforce that in many places each week and keep it a regular thing.

Sure, police would be told that their mid-morning nap in their squad cars would be cancelled, but their mid-afternoon nap would probably still go ahead as planned.

Maybe the police can get a bit of respect back from actually doing their jobs for once?

Oh also in the article is.. ‘the effect on the delivery business’

Yeah deliveries are going to be slower.
Is this a bad thing though?
We’ve got used to quick deliveries by way of 电动 idiots braking traffic laws… but this was always going to be too good to be true.
On the plus side, maybe we won’t be stuck in traffic for 40 minutes each day coming home from work because hundreds of douchebags think delivering parcels 10 minutes quicker is an acceptable pay-off.

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