China pride & dumbass questions or trolling?

I’m tired of these people talking shit about China!
Pollution this, economy that!
Fuck you.
If China was so bad why are these huge investment firms investing so much money hiring you foreign assholes( yes I’m foreign too, however my blood is red and my skin is yellow and I have my moms little red book!)
you really think you know the world works?
Be a descendent of someone who was in politics maybe then you might have something worth saying as well as being relevant! It’s simple, if you’re so fed up with China just get the fuck out and move back to your just as corrupt country and post your shit there!


This was posted on Chinese social media…by a chinese / french dude
Anyway, let me take some time to reply to some regard and share my thoughts…
Why are they hiring foreign assholes?
Probably because the foreign assholes know how to think outside the box, and these firms are selling to the average chinese dumbass, and they can’t have the average chinese dumbass running their operations now can they?
You have to be the descendant of someone who was in politics? If that’s the case then it seems like the only people that could justifiably have proper political opinions are the CCP, but then again the first communist party members, they weren’t sons and daughters of politicians, so does that mean that those original people like Mao that ran the country for so many years were full of crap and didn’t know what they were talking about?? …  Oh wait, yep, that’s a bad example.
But just because you work in government it doesn’t necessarily mean that your political opinion is worth more than someone that doesn’t.
Don’t give me this shit of… ‘i’m not into ‘politics’ if you have any care for fairness, and how things should be for your life then you by very follow in logic will have an opinion in politics and governance.
You don’t just state ‘ this isn’t fair’ and then walk away.
You say ‘ I think it should be like this’ OR ‘I wish it was like this’
Just because you want to improve a situation doesn’t mean that you don’t appreciate what you already have.
You can desire improvement even if something is fairly decent, after all that’s essentially the concept of innovation….constant improvement., to make our lives easier or at least better.
If its that case for so many things, why can’t it be the same for governance of a country?….you know for something that affects your everyday life?
That shouldn’t just be a novel idea, that should be obvious.
Plus, why do people keep saying this bullshit of, ‘do you really think you know how the world works?’
Not totally, sure. But we’re all entitled to have our own opinions , even if they’re ridiculous.
Plus a lot of the time, you don’t have to know how the world works to know that 1 country could change how THEY work, to make things better for their people.
That’s not a difficult concept to understand. Why is it so difficult for people to get?
His last little comment in chinese by the way, 中国万岁 zhong guo wan sui, basically translates to- Long live China!
Sometimes, I wonder if these people are trolling, just to get a reaction….because I can’t believe that 1 person can ask so many dumb questions sincerely and spout meaningless filler crap for the post…. I wonder if they’re doing it just to get a reaction.
That being said, from living in a place like China…I can actually totally understand that many people post about complete crap, and ask as many dumbass questions such as above.
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