Is this where babies come from?

I was talking to a friend yesterday, and she said her colleague apparently until the age of 17 didn’t know which part of the body babies came from.  Well she did know, or rather she THOUGHT she knew, somehow her mum had convinced her that they were born from the armpit.

The Armpit…..

& like a dope, she didn’t think…. ‘but there’s no hole or anything in the armpit’ ‘i wonder how that works’ …..she just thought.. ‘oh yep, ok’

The armpit??  damn.

And until she was 17??


The only thing that justifies this thinking… or rather this ignorance, is in knowing the Chinese education system and culture a bit.

There is pretty much zero sex education.

And there is not a lot of thinking about ‘why?’  , as you’ve probably noticed from previous articles.

Also sexual experience and talking about it is pretty much zero apart from with very close friends, but it’s still majorly seen as taboo.

There is definitely no ‘talk about the birds and the bees’ between parents and their children.  And in many family situations, even though they do love each other and apparently ‘family values’ is something that’s placed above most western cultures, which I’m actually really not sure is true; they don’t show any of this, not really within the confines of their home and especially not in public.
Basically it works out that generally information is not shared so much between parents and children.  When a child asks why, generally (not all the time) but generally the parent in China is not confident enough (maybe confident is not the right word) to give their child the correct and informed answer.  So instead just say an answer, and hope that the problem will go away.

Sometimes they’re ignorant of the answer themselves, but don’t have the heart to say ‘I don’t know’ (as that’s a losing face thing. .even if it’s in front of their own child) But in a situation like this, clearly the mum knew because…she actually HAS a child.

And relying on the education system to teach the child sex-ed in china is just a fail.

Something a bit disturbing is that again, generally, people, both male and female don’t ‘maintain’ their bodily hair.
So it can be quite daunting for a foreigner when they come to China. A nice pretty, cute, and quaint Chinese girl and then Baaam armpit hair.

I don’t know if this plays into it at all… but there’s a lot of hair there, and down there… so maybe this girl just thought… ‘hey, they both have hair…why not?’

Although that’s pushing it.

Imagine though 2 people coming together, both knowing absolutely nothing about sex, the girl thinking that babies come from armpit; and there being way too much hair down there to make sense of things..  and then they’re expected to produce a baby.

Not even have sex, just ‘make a damn baby’.  Wow….. what a fantastic sexual experience that must be.

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