Lock the damn doors

Ever walked into the bathroom and tried to use one of the cubicles because you saw that it was unlocked, only to find a middle aged Chinese man squatted over a hole, puffing on a cigarette, and pumping out a bog staring at you as you open the door?

Believe it or not, this is a reasonably frequent event…. in China.

Dude, just lock the damn door.

Why is it always the same type of guy as well?

It’s not a younger person, it’s not a guy that doesn’t smoke, it never seems to happen on the ‘western toilets’, it’s literally always a middle-aged, chain-smoking, poo-pumping Chinese man.

And what’s more he doesn’t really seem surprised.

He never seems to say anything when you open the door and involuntarily groan. ‘errr…wtf?’

It’s almost as if he was expecting to have someone open the door.

And dude, come on, the door has locks. It’s just that either you’re into voyeur or you just didn’t think it was worth your time.

Again no care for other people’s well being of thinking ‘perhaps other people don’t want to see a grown man squatting down taking a shit.’

Or …on the other hand, maybe he has thought about that… and he just wants to make you suffer.

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