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I think ….in something like this… its just natural selection.

If someone could ignore all the signs that say ‘Don’t get out of your car’
‘It is forbidden to stop’ etc, and on top of that just ignore plain old common sense, then this is something which yeah.. many people feel pity for her.

This is classic Darwin Award kind of stuff, where the ‘unfit’ remove themselves from society, however with one key difference.

This lady looks old enough that she might have already passed on her genes. So she doesn’t qualify.

Damn.  Forfeited 2 things in one day, her life and the award.

In the video below, which is showing the actual incident. (Apparently the woman was angry at someone in the car and decided to go out and sort him out…. however you’re right next to him?  what kind of stupidity translates to you having to get out of the car for that??)

Anyway, it becomes apparent that its just another case of, even though the warning signs are given, the WHY, which is so important, is not actually given.

You see this time and time again in China.  ‘Wear a seatbelt’ ‘it is forbidden not to’

The forgotten why: because if you crash, the inertia of you inside the car means that even though the car has stopped, you won’t have, and you’ll go flying through the windscreen and die.

‘Weight limit of 20 tons on this bridge’

The forgotten why: because this bridge was only made to cope with 40 tons, that’s 2 trucks of 20 or less each, if there’s 2 trucks of 25 tons each, the bridge will possible collapse and people will die’

‘Don’t get out of your car in a drive-in tiger park’

The forgotten why: because tigers are predators, they’re not domesticated animals, they are probably not fed that well so that they can provide some sort of ‘entertainment’ in China for the people visiting, so that when they actually are fed they ravage their prey / food, so getting out of the car in a park filled with hungry predatory animals means that you’ll likely be eaten.

People here… a lot of people are lacking what many would refer to as common sense, they’re not taught the ‘WHY?’ and their education is designed around not conditioning people to question things, or ask the ‘why’ for themselves.

If authorities think that people are just going to obey stated things like military orders, then they’re having a laugh.

What’s more, they seem to trust people to know the ‘why’ themselves when they know that they haven’t provided the masses the necessary conditions for that to be true.

I can’t stress that enough, if people are clearly not thinking about the WHY, or have the ability to supply rational and logical reasoning to a situation, then they need to be told, and shown examples of what happens when they don’t pay attention to the explicit rules.

If not, …. isn’t it just a form of messy population control?

Watch the News article here

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