You need to move your bike….

2016-05-18 Wednesday

Today, normal day trying to take the bike to the bus station so I can take the bus to work.

They’re doing construction works in my building at the moment, of which they never tell you about… so woke up to drilling……

Lately I couldn’t chain my bike to the sign post outside the building because the foot path was under construction.  And I’ve found out the hard way… if its not tied to something, then it becomes an easy target for thieves.

So I actually tied it to one of the support scaffolding around the side of the building.

I went out this morning to try and unlock the bike… as there’s 2 guys working on the side of the building…

They see me, bend down near the back of the bike… fiddle with the lock for 10 or so minutes and finally give up.
I decided I was going to go inside to get some WD40 and have another go.

Anyway one of them looks at me and says in chinese…”you should move the bike because we have to do work here”

So I replied…”ah yeah, I would like to, bit the lock doesn’t work”

And he said… “no you should move… you see… work”

Me: “yeah I know, I can see… but the bike has a lock… the lock does not work. So I cannot move”

And then the 2nd worker comes and squats down on the ledge…looking at me… kind of making sure that I’m a foreigner (I had my helmet on but still, the mannerisms of foreigners are so different than that of chinese, he should’ve already known)

And so this guy says “你应该把车放在那边儿” which is exactly-
“you should regarding vehicle put over there”

To which I said …with a sigh….”yeah I know,…. I understand what you’re saying, but the lock does not work”…
then I pointed to the keys that I was showing them before yet this time ever more clearly,
“so if I can’t unlock the bike…. I can’t move the bike”

Them: “oh the lock”

Dude wtf do you think I was doing down there for 10 mins??
…use that thing between you ears.. that pea that you refer to as a brain and try to figure out what I might be talking about that would justify this given the situation.

Was I tying my shoe just randomly in that exact spot behind my motorbike with my helmet on?
Unlikely… but possibly.
But then why would I not be able to move the bike??

I know that often when some chinese people are talking to foreigners .. ‘the wall’-(the wall of incomprehension) comes up, because they just instantly assume that Mr foreigner can’t possibly understand the civilised language of chinese… so they’re not even going to try to listen / comprehend… so whatever comes out of Mr foreigner’s mouth… bugger it… I can not understand.

Something about being enclosed and away from other civilisations… or not enough education or something like this.

Anyway, the other guy says “..the bike…”

And then I stopped listening…  and just turned around and walked back inside…mumbling ‘idiot…shababdaba…morons’….and ‘what was I thinking?’

I mean yes… they’re illogical nut jobs for not being able to figure out a situation

but at that point I realised I was JUST as illogical because I was carrying on a conversation with these 2 idiots… and I KNEW they were idiots.. trying to explain something that wasn’t going to change anything
… the bike was still locked… it couldn’t be moved… and they were still idiots.

What the hell am I doing just standing here talking to these 2 morons ??


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