“you were going too fast”

…Well that puts my total crashes in Beijing at 5 maybe.
(all not my fault… but obviously they still happened)

Some idiot just ran a red light and pulled out in front of me and obviously I emergency braked but still hit him and went over the handle bars onto the bonnet of his car and the first thing he says to me is:
“you were going too fast”
No man. I was going the speed limit which was 70, and you ran a red light.
I’m pretty sure the running the red light is more the cause of the fucking accident.
Plus its not like you shouldn’t have seen me… the bike had its headlight on, orange wheels and a large foreigner on it.
So wtf were you doing?
….Can …I take a guess?
Were you playing with your phone?

Anyway he goes “is there anything wrong with your bike?”
Err… no.. I guess not
(looking at the oil patch on the ground…probably coming from my bike)
(and him looking at his crumpled bumper and scratch on his bonnet)
“well you can go then”

What some of you may be thinking is ‘Yeah…thanks for the permission…’

But in reality Thought …Cool… as I know foreigners usually don’t get out of these things easily even if its 完全 (completely) not their fault.
So I pushed the bike off …and now it is sitting in a parking lot.
I tried to start it immediately afterwards and it didn’t start. But after pushing it to the parking lot and having a proper check…it now starts.

Handle bars are bent, but it starts, and other than a few scratches there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it.

I can hear a friend in the back of my mind saying… ‘you maybe should have anticipated some dickwad to play with their phones and run a red light and cut across you’
And to be quite honest… yeah I think he is right.

But the intersection was a big intersection 2 lanes, hardly anyone on the road.
Which means it is worrying either way.
I essentially have 2 choices.
1.) I have to expect that level of complete incompetence and negligence and to know that I won’t be able to drive the fun but normally safe way in order to ‘take into consideration this level of incompetence’, or…
2.) I will ride around in a normal way, knowing that there could be at anytime some dickwad that does completely the wrong thing, and it doesn’t matter if you’re doing everything right… because he/ she will find a way to make sure that even though you’re doing everything right you will never be able to avoid his/ her level of idiocy.

I’m really annoyed I didn’t wear my camera on my helmet today.

I’m sure the bike is fine.. just a few scratches. And I’m fine….my neck hurts a little but, I’m sure I can sleep it off … if it still hurts after the weekend I go to the hospital for a checkup.

Comment from a friend upon hearing the story:

“What a dickbag”

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