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Article about tipping in Australia

It’s amazing to see that so many people actually support tipping in Australia.

I find it very interesting that L C Stanton says that he/ she finds it suspect about tipping not being part of our Culture when until recently fine dining wasn’t part of our culture either

What should we be adding all the shitty culture, along with the nice culture?   Culture is Culture! It’s all good right?   No. that’s just not true.
The Chinese have a culture (albeit thankfully dying out now) of spitting on the streets and letting their children take poos into rubbish bins in public, or smoking in elevators with children inside….. Culture, culture….all culture is good!…  [Sorry China- you just make it too easy]
Or Saudi Arabia has a ‘culture’ of not allowing women to do pretty much anything, having placed womens rights far below that of a mans’   Culture is culture.
Man what a stupid dim-minded comment.

Simple fact, as the author said. America doesn’t have a minimum wage, (i really thought it did, but i thought it was really low)

This is something that you expect from a highly capitalistic country that many domestic policies are influenced by mainly (not all) but mainly retarded or perhaps very smart but immoral Republicans.   Also one that seems scared about the word ‘Socialism’ but is also in awe of all the things that Australia provides to its citizens, despite it actually coming from a Socialist way of thinking.

The point is, that in America you have to provide good service otherwise you don’t get tips… in Australia you have to provide good service otherwise you get fired.

Restaurants should include all service fees into the price of the meal, so as to not deceive the customer and to make it more transparent to avoid corruption and what not. Something that again the US is not so great at.

To those people that say high class restaurants’ waiters/ waitresses deserve a tip, because that is their reward- no. their reward is that they’re getting a better and more valued experience than those working in the local mc donalds or cafe. This goes on their resume with pride.

Australia’s system is designed to be our own, one relatively free from corruption and fair to the majority of people.

Yes America has tipping as a ‘custom’, but why?  Because of their unfair system towards minimum wage workers.

Should we be celebrating this and wanting to mimick this into our own system?  Definitely not.

If you’re a tourist and don’t know any better…. sure. But even then… don’t people play by the rule ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’??

JH   seems to put it well ‘We have no reason to import this bizarre US tradition which is just a band-aid to deal with their dysfunctional way of remunerating people.’

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3 thoughts on “tipping in australia

  1. david says:

    yo dickhead… america is awesome ! don’t talk shit about america… we’re the greatest country in the world!

  2. Zack says:

    Interesting! When talking about China i feel like your expressing every Laowai’s daily thoughts.

    As for the tipping culture, i agree with you and think that it all should be included in the menu. (i like China for that, although you’d never get good service, LOL)

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