Global Times – who is their target audience?

China urges Australia to create fair biz environment

By Chen Qingqing Source:Global Times Published: 2018/8/23 20:48:41

Huawei ban will hurt progress of Australia’s 5G industry, says expert

Read the article below & try not to get angry
China urged the Australian government to discard ideological biases and create a fair environment for businesses after Chinese telecom firms Huawei and ZTE were reportedly banned from providing 5G technology in the country. 
Cooperation between China and Australia has always been mutually beneficial, and Australia should not use any excuse to artificially set obstacles or adopt discriminatory practices, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said at a daily briefing on Thursday. 
Lu’s remarks come after Huawei’s Australia affiliate said on Twitter on Thursday that it was informed by the Australian government that Huawei and ZTE have been banned from providing 5G technology services in the country.
Huawei called the move “extremely disappointing” for consumers.
The security of 5G networks will have fundamental implications for all Australians, the Australian government said in a statement on its website on Thursday. 
It added that the Australian government considered “the involvement of vendors who are likely to be subject to extrajudicial directions from a foreign government that conflict with Australian law, may risk failure by the carrier to adequately protect a 5G network from unauthorized access or interference.” 
The statement did not specifically mention Huawei and ZTE. 
The Australian government has seriously violated the principles of fair competition and non-discrimination in free trade, and Huawei will take legal measures to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests, the company said in a statement sent to the Global Times on Thursday. 
The Australian government is using security as an excuse to shield its political moves, said Huawei. “However, Huawei has never received any request from the Chinese government to gather information,” the company said, adding that misjudgments and biased attitudes should never be a reason for security concerns. 
The ban shows that the Australian government is completely biased toward Chinese companies, which contradicts the spirit of the free market that it values, said Ruan Zongze, executive vice president of the China Institute of International Studies. 
“The Australian government becomes paranoid when it comes to matters involving China, which is terrible and absurd,” he told the Global Times on Thursday.
Ruan said politicizing business, as in the case of the Huawei ban, is against the free trade agreement signed between China and Australia, and will eventually hurt the Australian 5G industry.  
Higher costs
It is a huge loss for Australia’s 5G development, as local companies may have to spend more to build and upgrade their networks, Xiang Ligang, chief executive of telecoms industry news site, told the Global Times.
The ban will lead to higher costs in building 5G networks in Australia, “which could be 30 percent higher,” he said.
Huawei and ZTE would have competed with some of the world’s biggest tech companies in the Australian market, such as Ericsson and Nokia. But with the ban, the latter two will deliver services at higher prices and charge higher management fees, the expert added.
Outside of the US, Huawei is expected to be a major supplier of 5G radio and core network gear, according to a report released by British industry intelligence unit Ovum in June 2017. Although ZTE is performing well in China, it still lags behind Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia in other markets, the report noted.
Australia will experience very slow progress in its 5G development now that it has blocked these Chinese companies, which was a political move, Fu Liang, a Beijing-based telecoms industry expert, told the Global Times on Thursday.
“However, it’s still too early to say that Chinese companies will lose all their opportunities in the Australian market,” he said.
Other Western countries are unlikely to follow Australia in blocking Huawei over security concerns, experts predicted. 
“Australia followed in the footsteps of the US [by going against China in such a manner], but other countries are unlikely to follow suit,” Xiang said.
Response from me:
I honestly don’t know if this article is written in sarcasm or not.
So much of this article has misinformation, biased opinions, intention to deceive the readers, and if its not that… then a very real lack of understanding of how governance & security works in other countries and how those priorities come before ‘fair trade’.
China does it, the US does it, almost all countries that don’t have weak governments do this.
I also don’t get who is the target audience for this article, if it were Chinese people who were raised in china… then yes, their education is likely swaying them to this limited opinion, then it would make sense, but it would make more sense if the article was written in Chinese.
But it’s in English… and most people living in Australia, USA, UK, Canada, NZ etc are educated enough to know that this is incredibly biased.
Our education system teaches us how to discern biased attitudes & styles of writing. I don’t think these articles are value for money in terms of you’re only angering the ‘supposed’ target audience.

Old school train rubbish

This rubbish in the aisle reminds me of a train trip from Harbin…where they just called out ‘rubbish…rubbish’ and then everyone just chucked their rubbish in the aisle, then someone came through with a broom… and instead of putting it all in a bag, just opened a door and broomed it straight out of the train.


That, however, was 2008, where the seats were pretty much park bench wooden seats.

And this picture above, is from 2014.  So it was actually pretty recent… but glad to see it’s finally changed.


I’m against stupid people

france no elecotrial college

I hate it when are people just post shit without understanding it.

I’m not anti-left, anti-right, against trump voters, against religion or anything like this, I’m just against stupid people.

Stupid people camp out in all these groups, and that’s who I’m truly angry with -the illogical, mentally deficient people of this world.

You can be cradling the correct answer, the least-dumb opinion, however if you don’t have the logic to be able to justify this, or make a reasonable argument as to why you believe this, … or just whole-heartedly take it as fact because that’s what you were taught and you didn’t question it… then you might find yourself actually part of the stupid group that I’m talking about.

This picture was posted in one of the social media chat groups I’m in.

When you read it, you’re like ‘oh yeah’ that does make sense, but considering the context it is posted in, it’s also a jab at the American political system whereby the Electoral College system ultimately is the decision for electing the President of the United States.

Some people don’t understand this, but unfortunately it’s just because they don’t want to understand it, and are the typical not-so logical people that I’m talking about.
If it’s a system in place, and has been for many years, you’ve got to wonder to yourself…
‘why is this the case?’
‘I wonder how it works?’…
‘I wonder what the potential situations are for which this would be required?’
If you just assume ‘ah it must be because it’s an old system and other people are stupid… that’s why it was never changed’
…. Then.. I’m sorry,  but you’re not thinking enough.

I realise that in this day and age, there’s such thing as trolling with the whole ‘pressing people’s buttons to try and cause a reaction’ and in this case ‘pretending not to understand the Electoral College’  just so someone can have a rant …and waste a huge amount of their own time.  (much like I’m doing now)

But, what happens if people don’t realise that others are trolling?  And by the way, from this particular post, from a guy nicknamed Sunny… I’m pretty sure it’s not trolling because he just posts this dumbass shit all the time.

I wrote a comment just asking if this was trolling, noting that no one should be still pretending to not understand the Electoral College system.  And I got this juicy number back.

<with all due respect.. “electoral college my ass.”. rules are meant to be change.. it was created like almost 300 hundred years ago, is not useful anymore.>
<The world “Democracy” means one man or women one vote. anything else after that is crap.>

For which after some other person said <no more political discussions>

I carefully wrote back

<Well because I’m not allowed to be political I have to phrase this more simply…
I just want to check @Sunny , you’re not a native English speaker right? And if you are… You might want to check on the definition of words before you just type whatever you assume it means, otherwise you might come across as an uneducated fool.
For your continuing education though… Just YouTube your confusions… No more reading for you, as this obviously proved too difficult with the definitions.>

For me, that was harsh.  If someone IS truly mentally deficient, then at least they’re usually not in a place of influence.   (Drumpf..reality check)

But usually they won’t be able to be qualified as teachers, or educators in anyway, so their impact is less severe.
However, in today’s modern world, any non-thinking, not-so-educated person can get on social media and start to influence other not-so-educated, non-thinking people.
In my mind, this is sad as it presents a new avenue for people to become stupid.

If people can’t be bothered to educate themselves, I think it’s terrible to be in a position to influence and ‘educate’ others.

This guy’s comment though… just shows he has no idea.  I’ve had to explain why such a system is in place to people that I know before.
Normally these people are very hot-blooded people.
They are quick to judge without finding out all the information.
However once you give 1 or 2 examples, which in my mind.. they should have been able to get themselves if they just spent a little longer ‘putting themselves in another’s shoes’,then they reluctantly admit…whilst secretely hating you for pointing it out, that ‘yes, this does make sense… and I guess it’s more fair like that’.

For example, if the states with the most people in them decided that the states that had the majority of resources but least people should just handover all the tax income for those resources to the federal government, just because the majority of people voted for it… Would that be fair?

The people of that State would want to secede from the rest of the nation to stop their resources and their income from flowing too much outside their State. And when they have a vote to secede it will be knocked down by the rest of the country, because obviously they don’t want this income source to disappear.

Just because the majority of people want to do something, doesn’t mean that its fair.

I think… and I use this term lightly because who knows what this guy is really thinking…. I think this guy’s meaning is that democracy is a ‘more fair’ political system.
Which is a noble notion.
That was, after all its intention.

However, since its inception, democracy has not been what it is today, it is constantly changing.  And what was considered ‘fair’ 100 years ago, is.. not what it is today.  However, the principle of the majority wins… clearly has its flaws.

For example, the majority of people used to believe the world was flat. 1 smart cookie after another proved otherwise… and eventually opinions were changed.  The majority of people in the United States were once for slavery… and in fact even democratically voted for slavery.  Does that make it fair on those enslaved?


For years the majority of voters were against women having the vote… does that make it fair for what women want?
Again the answer is no.

Whenever there is a vote, the outcome is always going to disadvantage someone, and in fact just because the majority of ‘voters’ want it… doesn’t necessarily make it fair.
The Electoral College is actually a pretty smart way of adjusting how the majority of population will have an effect on different states with a minority of people.

‘Hey’, says the majority of people, ‘let’s make all the states that are in the centre of the USA slaves’

centralUSA states

This would represent 39.45% of the population, and include 20 states.  So if the entire rest of the country voted for this ‘make central USA states population slaves’, then they would actually have the majority.

Well that seems like a fair thing to do right?
Fucking No.

Obviously this is an extreme example, but it’s this kind of examples for which the Electoral College system was enacted.
Each state has a designated amount of Electoral votes.

Electoral college votes per state
As you might be able to tell, most of this is based on population.  For example Texas has 38, while California has 55, (0.67) This ratio is very similar to the population comparison ratio.  Just as Texas as compared to Florida & it’s population & electoral votes.  (0.76)

However, for the smaller states and populations, the very minimum electoral votes they can have is 3.

The seven smallest states by population – AlaskaDelawareMontanaNorth DakotaSouth DakotaVermont, and Wyoming – have three electors each. This is because each of these states is entitled to one representative and two senators.


Take an example like Alaska compared to California.

State Population Population ratio Electoral votes Votes ratio
Alaska 741,894 0.0189 3 0.054
Florida 39,250,017 55

So as you might be able to see the ratio is bigger for Electoral votes as compared to just simply population.  But to be fair, it’s a drop in the ocean.

The point is, is that just because population votes in the majority it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fair.

An extra point… words have definitions.
I know I’ve been through this before, but.. the definition of a word isn’t whatever the fuck you assume it to be.
There is an actual definition.
Just by saying that ‘democracy means one man or women, one vote’ doesn’t actually mean that that’s the correct definition.

If you don’t know… or are not sure… look it up.

democracy definition ca

democracy definition oxford

Just because you have the feeling that the word means something… it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.

Many people confuse the definition of the word racism, and are happy to spout it whenever they are offended directly, or feel offended on behalf of someone else.  Just look it up, it’s generally discrimination based purely on someone’s race.

If Person A is being an absolute annoying fucktard, by driving like a piece of shit because they are on the phone all the time… and they happen to be black, Asian, Jewish, native …whatever race they are… other people legitimately have a right to call out those actions.
This is not racism.
People should generally be judged on actions before anything else.
To call it racism, is showing a lack of understanding for what actual racism is, and in my mind it’s belittling a serious issue by getting such things confused.

Definitions are important, if you don’t know it, look it up.  Otherwise you come across as an uneducated fool and you will embarrass yourself.  Use these correct definitions in the correct context… it’s not so difficult provided you’re willing to think a little.

And in my humble opinion, I think it’s a great shame that people don’t correct the people not willing to think about important things for more than a couple of seconds.
In today’s modern age, these less-than-intelligent people have access to influence more people like them.
And if we’ve seen anything recently, with the power of the vote… this can be a dangerous thing.

Magic…I mean Moronic Mike ruins his bike, blames others

This is taken from the chat history yesterday from a motorbike group that I’m in.

This is a large group with around 200 people in it, and 2 guys decide that life is unfair and see if they can shift the results of their problems onto someone else.

In this conversation I am d, (…the one getting berated),
M- is the guy that actually bought my old bike,
A is M’s friend. 
And there’s a bunch of others (B, h, Nd) that are sharing their opinions on the matter.

…This is a rather long conversation, but it’s just incredibly frustrating…

Especially considering this is now 6 months down the road, from after I sold my bike to M.

A- Hey d
A- Why did you sell my buddy a lemon bike then refuse to take responsibility for it?
A- Just wondering.
d- it wasn’t a lemon when i had it. there was an overheating problem like all 2012 models, for which there was a manual fan installed. other than that, when i was riding it there were no problems
d- and its a benelli, so the general build quality was not great. but i think a few of you are aware of that
A-  Sure.
A- Cool story bro. Stinks of fish.
B- When you buy a second hand bike take it to be checked before buy or it is the buyers fault
A- The cylinder was fucked and needed replacing
A- You didn’t tell the buyer that
B- Should never trust the sell. Take it to provide.if not it is the buyers fault
A- Thanks for the morality check B. No one asked your ignorant ass.
R- Can and will, I already inquired about getting a set of hubs from the manufacture, but supermotard rims are smaller than the offroad ones
B- If you post in public I am free to comment. If it makes you cry you don’t have to talk in public
R- so basically a second set of wheels to swap around   [because there are other conversations going on]
A- B ‘cash only’ if your name is any indication of how you do business then no wonder you have such philosophy
B- Good one
B- No wonder why you got scammed
A- Sure you can comment. I’m just saying, no one asked, and as far as I can tell you’ve contributed nothing to this group so shut ur fucking trap
B- Np
A- I didn’t get scammed you total imbecile
B- Haha.
A- Well don’t for changing ur name fast.
d- i didn’t know about a screwed cylinder. true i didn’t check everything before i sold the bike. but to be honest i was selling as is. all i knew about was the overheating problem
B- Big wordd
A- ur a clever boy rnt u
B- Why would I change my name
B- At least it is a guy name
A- So, why wouldn’t you do the right thing when you FOUND OUT the cylinder was fucked and do right by your buyer?
A- Just wondering.
d- what do you mean by do right?
B- Why would you
A- Do the right thing.
d- he never told me it was fucked. he just said he spent money fixing it
A- Do the honest thing
A- Do the correct thing

d- what is the honest thing?
A- Do the honourable thing
B- How does he know if the guy didn’t know to check the oil or when to shift. Maybe your friend screwed up
A- Shit, I’m gonna have to play your daddy now

A- “Son, the honest thing to do would be to cover the cost of that cylinder”
d- i was told he took off the manual switch for the fan.
B- Don’t pay for that. It not your fault.
A- B, you’re a typical craigslist piece of shit
A- I don’t blame you
A- I just don’t want you in this room.
d- why is that the honest thing? if i didn’t know that was a problem when i sold it, how do i know that that didn’t start when he started riding
A- I certainly don’t want you doing business with anyone in this group
B- @A I don’t want you here
A- You’re unbelievable
B- I have bought bikes on here. Just know what to do not to get scammed
A- So you’re admitting it was a scam?
M- There is no way you didn’t know
M- I had problems from the first day I owned it
B- If I don’t know the bike. I know enough to take it to shop before I give cash
d- i really didn’t know. you can keep blaming me if you want, but i’m not sure that makes it any better
A- @B, shut ur pie hole, you’ve exposed yourself as a dishonest piece of shit with nothing to add to this group, fuck off.
M- So it just a coincident that all these problems started when my ass touched the seat for the first time?
M- Likely story
B- Who is?
h–grabs popcorn- what’s up?
R- Not on anyones side, but I did hear about M’s bike giving him alot of problems
B- I’m just having a great time driving you crazy
A- Yea…craaaayyyyzeeee
B- Don’t cry everything will be okay
M- There is NO way you didn’t know there was some kind of problem
B- Fun times over back to work
A- B has nothing to add to this group so can be kicked.

P- How much did it cost to replace the cylinder?
B- @A Neither do you
d- as i said , there was an overheating problem . thats all i knew about
M- Bullshit
M- I’ll never believe you

M- All in all I spent close to 10k and all winter getting it fixed
M- Also had electrical problems from the fan that was installed
M- I’m assuming from the fan
M- New generator, new cylinder, 4 new spark plugs 4 times

M- And removal of the fan
A- @B, your days in this group are numbered [Chuckle]
A- Take contacts while you can because you’re not welcome here.
M- Plus the money for vans taking it to various mechanics and not to mentioned a shot load more money I lost from not being able to get to work after breaking down umpteen times
A- d, you have a chance to make it right with M, in front of the group. What do you think is the right thing to do?
M- He’s gonna do nothing
M-  Because he’s a fucking scumbag
M- He won’t make it right, if he was that kind of guy he wouldn’t have sold it without telling me the problems in the first place
h- I purchased 2 bikes from him, never had any issue. When you buy 2nd hand, something you have to know is mechanics, if you don’t bring a guy who knows that. In any bargain second-hand from private to private you can’t blame the previous owner for any hidden defect.
Nd- I agree
Nd- I also bought stuff from d before.
B- Right
h- big cylinders are lottery, some comes with bunch of problems some are nice, you just got unlucky, crying about it won’t fix your cylinder
M- Yeah ok guys. I’m an idiot for trusting him. I agree
A- seriously
M- I also didn’t start this convo so you can’t say I’m crying about it
B- I bought a bike. Found some problems. Didn’t blame just fixed it and moved on
A- The attitude of some people is unreal
d- I try to help this group as much as possible with licencing knowledge, bike knowledge and everything. if there’s stuff that i know, i’ll say.. but if i don’t …i can’t say. I’m not out to scam anyone, but i’m not about to pay money to someone for something that i didn’t know was there

A- Honour amongst bikers? I thought there could be such a thing
B- I trust you d
A- There’s “problems” and there’s a broken engine
M- @B of you trust him you are as stupid as I was

h- chill out satan, no need for insults here
M- If was still in China I would give you a piece of my mind but you aren’t. You sneaky c…nt
d- yes… i left china because of you…
M- So let’s say for a second you didn’t know, please explain why I had these problems from the first day I rode the bike but you “never” knew?????
M- You sold the bike because you were leaving, knowing of you sold it and stayed here it would come back to you
E- lol. wht have a missed?
M- Your buddy tells me you didn’t ride it often. Is that because you knew it was broken and couldn’t do more than 30 miles without it breaking down??
M- Or just another coincidence?
d- no because i used it to go to huairou and ride in the mountains. As he knows i had the Shineray for city riding, and that was great

Group owner- He is removed
M- Which one?

Chat history between myself & the group owner:

d- To fill you in on that story before i get kicked out of the group if you choose to do so, M bought my one of my bikes, (h bought the other) M- the benelli 600, its the 2012 model and had the overheating problem.
He bought it for cheap because i was leaving to go to the netherlands, he knew about the overheating problem, and i told him i installed a manual switch for the fan to combat it slightly.
He said yep, he bargained it down to 18,500 it came with an alarmed disc brake lock, and a massive chain that i paid 1,200 for.
And that was it

d-Then he told me he took off the manual switch…for… whatever reason… and then it had problems.
All the problems after that i have no idea about.
But what i do know, is that quality control for all the little parts on that bike, like mirrors, plastics…that kind of stuff was terrible

d- I try to help this group as much as possible with licencing knowledge , bike knowledge and everything. if there’s stuff that i know, i’ll say.. but if i don’t …i can’t say.
I’m not out to scam anyone, but i’m not about to pay money to someone for something that i didn’t know was there

Group owner: It’s ok man, shit can happen to everyone, even to me, I’ll talk with M and see what’s going on

d- That all being said… if you want to kick me out, I’m fine with that..

Group owner: Don’t worry, everything is fine so far

h, B, privately to me – What a little cry baby.

Ok so thoughts on all of this shit

He keeps saying throughout this barrage of shit that ‘I didn’t start this convo, so you can’t say I’m crying about it

Yeah, but you DID get your friend to start it, which means that you’re an even bigger cry baby because you didn’t want to do it yourself.

A, the guy that states ‘Well you have a chance to make it right with M, in front of the group. What do you think is the right thing to do?

Yeah, sure… I’m going to pay this dude 9-10k or something because… what?… I’m a dealership and I was offering a warranty, and M bought the bike new from me?
Like seriously think about that for a moment.  If you really did want money from someone… 1st off…would the best plan of action be to insult them first, and then ask for money?

No, only someone mentally deficient would do that.

2nd, I am not a dealership, this was a private seller to private buyer sale, which….does NOT come with a warranty.

Any situation like this, if you’re buying a bike, you’re buying AS IS.

Whatever problems it has, it is now yours when you buy it.

That’s why you go for a test ride, and check the bike out for yourself, or you bring a mechanic with you.

3rd.… the guy actually did go for a test ride and said, yep that’s the bike for me.

That whole ‘So it just a coincidence that all these problems started when my ass touched the seat for the first time?’ …
No man, you actually did a test drive, you rode it for yourself, you didn’t buy it ‘sight unseen’, it was working fine when I gave it to you, it wasn’t ‘just as soon as his bum touched the seat’… it must have happened a while after that…because otherwise you wouldn’t have test rode it and then decided ‘yeah, that’s the bike for me’.
What could I have done?, left China and then magically from a distance put a curse on it, for back in time so that … I don’t know anymore… this guy is just …lying basically. 
He rode it, he decided it was good, and then he bought it.  Day 1, can’t have been true, because otherwise you wouldn’t have decided to buy it.

4th , I did NOT know about this cylinder problem.  He & his friend berates me for saying, you knew about this before, you sold me a lemon, blah blah.. 

No, I did not.   And no amount of you telling me that I did, is going to make that any more true.

What I did say at the time of purchase, is that it DOES have an overheating problem, which is why there was a manual switch installed to keep the fan running all the time, and that the basic fiddly components is a bit shit, for example plastics, mirrors.

I told him that I had replaced the instrument cluster because it had stopped working in a recent thunder storm.

And I did inform him that because of the overheating problem I only used it to go to Huairou, (the mountain areas outside Beijing). 
This is because on the expressways and cool mountains roads the bike would handle really well, and the bike wouldn’t overheat because there was enough air-flow coming through.

I also said that I wouldn’t recommend it for city driving, and that as it has a 京B plate, you’re not technically meant to go inside the 4th ring road anyway.

Now I find out this guy constantly drives inside the 4th ring road, in stop-start traffic… and for some unknown reason took the manual switch for the fan off- the one thing that was holding the heat at bay; and now tells me that it’s developed problems ..cylinder problems.

Can I take a guess that the cylinder problems came from the overheating?   

Of course it overheated you idiot, you’ve just done everything that you weren’t meant to do, THAT as well, I was upfront about at the point of you buying the bike.

He states in the group chat, ‘Also had electrical problems from the fan that was installed
M- I’m assuming from the fan’
    Ok so this one is a bit obvious, he’s not too sure about it. 

But what I think he meant was because of the manual switch, which controlled the fan.   Because the fan is a stock unit that came with the bike.
The manual switch is just a simple switch, it just meant that instead of the computer telling the fan to turn on, a switch did, which meant you could run the fan from the beginning rather than waiting for it to heat up and then battle the massive heat.

…It doesn’t actually affect anything.

That being said, if you took this off… then it overheated…because you took it off, then you probably WILL have electrical problems.

If you took the fan off, because that was your preference, then that is your preference…and it has nothing to do with me, and might I add… it’s even more stupid.

One other thing that was not mentioned here was that in the advertisement I made originally about the bike, I said it is a legal bike, and as such had to be transferred to someone that actually had a license.

The situation was that the bike and the plate is registered to a private Chinese individual who when I originally bought it, it was a friend of a friend and we had a mutual understanding that I would take full responsibility in the event of crashes, speeding fines, and any misdemeanours involving the bike.

So, of course when we met to check out the bike, this was the 1st thing I asked him.

He said ‘no, but I’m in the process of getting it’.  (the license)

Which made me wary of course.
So I basically said, ‘look I haven’t got time to find another buyer, so I think I’ll just park it in a friend’s garage and he will sell it, but if you want to deal with him later when you have your license then you can do that.’

That night I was having my leaving dinner with a few close friends, and he ended up coming to the restaurant with the cash, the bargained down cash and said, ‘here’s my offer take it or leave it’  or something to that equivalent.

And, in the end, I took it.

And I’ve actually felt very guilty because I knew this guy didn’t have a license, so I’m not too sure what happens if this guy has a crash or something. 

I would take a decent guess that this guy still hasn’t got his license and has been driving around illegally all this time.

Which is shit, because if something does happen, then chances are the Chinese guy will be in trouble for it.  That’s what made me feel guilty.

Like I stated on the group, I’m an honest guy and will help whenever I can, I’ve been quite active in this group in giving advice to people to get their licenses and what not; but if this guy is going to continue being a dick to me and passing off his problems onto me, when he seems to have proved time and time again that he’s not so much a thinking individual, then I’m just not going to take it.

Of course I’m not going to pay this guy money for his repair costs, or even alleged repair costs, that is just stupid.  Plus, that is not the way it works.

Most motorbike riders, as B said, just go ‘ah shit…mmm ok’  fix it and then move on.

That’s what every motorbike rider I’ve met does.  Because from my experience, they are all generally nice, down to earth guys.

But this guy seems to be an outlier.   A dodgy outlier.  Shit happens to me, oh well…time to blame someone else.

Then he states ‘he’s peddling lemons’  

No,… how did you come to that conclusion?  
You’ve got 2 guys in the group that have bought stuff from me before, 1 guy even 2 other motorbikes for which all of it I was upfront and honest about.

So what?    1 out of 4 must = lemons
The one that you got wasn’t even a lemon, at least it wasn’t when I had it.

Now if you do everything that I recommended not doing, and considering that I was upfront from my point of view about things the bike did well, and problem areas; then clearly you’ve turned it into a lemon yourself.

As well, I can only inform people on what information I actually know, if I don’t know it, I can’t tell you about it.   It’s as simple as that.

So, a few options, leave the group, or do what I probably should have done a while ago, and tell the Chinese friend that he should report that the bike has been stolen to the police. 
That way nothing this mentally deficient guy does with the bike will impact my Chinese friend.

Obviously there are other knock-on effects if the police actually find the bike, or do a check on him.

And if he still hasn’t got his license… AND he’s driving a reported stolen bike… then….

Well, if he’s driving a bike without a license… depending just what level of license (foreign license, only Chinese car license etc), then the bike is taken away from him.

If he doesn’t have a license AND it’s reported stolen, then he’s likely to get deported. Or arrested

If he is in fact mentally ill, then this is not a trialsinlogic case, it’s just a ‘this guy shouldn’t be driving’ case.

And then the response is easy, he will not be getting a driver’s license because people that are mentally unstable / ill shouldn’t be driving….even in china, and having a person like that on the roads would be dangerous to all.
So the simple answer would be to report the bike stolen, if he gets arrested then so be it, but then he might be able to get off on a charge on the account of being mentally ill. 
He shouldn’t be driving a motorbike illegally anyway.

And if he’s not mentally ill, then he’s just stupid and whilst it is unfortunate that the bike has had problems it doesn’t mean that the previous owner should pay for everything… that’s just not how it works…ever.

So that option would be just ignore him, and if I see other groups that I’m in and he’s added… I will inform them, that this is a guy that’s likely to cause trouble and is not responsible for his own actions.

Which … also points in the direct that if he does have a crash on that bike… then ‘it definitely won’t be his fault’ so… yep, maybe reporting this bike stolen is the best option.

Chinese police don’t do an awful lot, so it’s unlikely that he’ll ever be caught, it’s just that if this idiot…does do something idiotic,…. as idiots often do… then the blame won’t be put on anyone else but himself.

I think that’s fair.

Holiday form for working from home

Working from home in the morning… and then coming into the office later, apparently I need to fill out a holiday form for approval to work at home.   But I wasn’t intending to work from home, when people from the company call you for conference calls preventing you from leaving the house on time…then you can’t come into the office and fill out a form so that you can stay at home to work.

And a holiday form?
I’m not on holiday.  That’s not my idea of a holiday, staying at home taking calls and bothering some director in America for pricing structures.   If I was going to take an actual holiday then I wouldn’t be doing any work.

If it’s all about coming into the office to show that you’re working….then I’ll come into the office and just set up a bed in the corner and go to sleep.  Hey I’m at the office….using their balls for brains logic….I must be working.



Hilarious response to a Global Times [propaganda piece]

Best metaphor using a chair for comparison I’ve ever heard

Read the full article here (with pictures):

But just in case its been taken down, here it is anyway:


2016-11-26 ▶️▶️ GlobalNews玩球资讯

There is no way an expat will ever know this country Source:Global Times Published: 2016/11/24 19:28:39

Illustration: Liu Rui/GT
Expats living in China at one point or another come across Chinese friends telling them in frustration, “You don’t understand China.” In some cases, it could be the Chinese friend’s lack of language skill in expressing themselves. Or it could be that they have little experience with foreign culture, which is necessary for cross-cultural exchanges.

But sometimes, it’s simply that you don’t understand China, which has a long history of 5,000 years, multiple dynasties, various dialects, rich cuisine and different philosophies. Frankly speaking, if you don’t read classical Chinese, you’re hardly qualified to say, “I know China,” even when you are Chinese.

I was in a synagogue in Washington DC about 10 years ago with a Jewish friend for a lecture about how to lobby the Chinese. The idea was that China is rising to become a superpower, so Jewish people might want to work to win the support of China and its people in addition to lobbying in the US. But how? How do you deal with sensitive topics like human rights records?

The speaker was an old China hand. He told the audience, if you think there’s an issue, you don’t talk to the Chinese in an upfront way. It’s better to show them that “under such circumstance, we’d do it this way.” In short, subtlety is the key. Directness could have opposite the intended effect, as Chinese are sensitive to being criticized openly.

Obviously, few people understand the “correct way” to raise the issue of human rights when dealing with China. Otherwise Western leaders would have held their tongue and achieved much better communication with the Chinese on such topics. Or Washington would not publish an annual report to embarrass the Chinese leadership.

It’s true that we all go to school, find a job, raise a family and take care of our parents and kids. It’s also true we have more in common than differences. But it’s the differences that often count in understanding each other.

Chinese culture is as rich as its history is long. Unless you dive really deep into a Chinese way of life (as if that were one thing), there’s no way to read the “hidden code” of authentic Chinese life.

Norbert Haguma, who hails from Rwanda, is the China representative of the African Leadership Network. He once advised his African friends who plan to do business in China that “you have to learn to stomach the Chinese liquor,” which is so strong that few foreigners fall in love with it.

Why? Nowhere can you find advice encouraging you to consume baijiu in do-business-in-China manuals! But Norbert has a point, which is valid and probably beyond the understanding of most of the expats living China. He notes, when you finish a few cups of liquor in a determined and honest manner in front of your Chinese business partners, the stiff air in the room and the strangeness of each other will melt immediately. Friendship will be forged quickly and business deals are getting much easier to be sealed.

That observation might not be accurate in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, but it’s stunningly spot on in places like Inner Mongolia, Shandong and most of northern China.
That’s probably why Chinese restaurants are often noisy: once the men have a few drinks, they open their hearts to each other and become talkative.

It requires painstaking effort to thoroughly understand another culture. A civilization like China presents even more challenges given how large the country is both in terms of its population and its size.

But it doesn’t matter if you know China or not, or how much you know China. The ultimate goal is to get along well with each other.

Usually, it’s not the differences but the way we treat each other that separate us. Arrogance is a taboo. Seeing a country through your own value prism should be avoided, because countries as well as cultures are equal, and there’re always something we don’t know about one another. As long as we treat each other with respect and stay humble in trying to learn about differences, we’ll be fine.

The author is a commentator on current affairs with China Radio International.

replies from

Lived there for over a decade. It’s a narcissistic mess of a country full of petty horrible tribal people looking to stab everyone in the back at all times. There is no actual culture left apart from bribery and pulling various scams. The pullers of the scams are admired by all for being “clever”. Virtually every city is the same drab communist block meme with very little defining it in any way as special, as all culture has been drained from it. The countryside is now grey and polluted and anything decent about it has been raped bloody by those “clever” folk.
No, there is no real mystery to China at all. It’s the children of the lord of the flies set loose in a library, but they already murdered everyone who could read. Expecting the world to marvel at how they finally figured out how to build a chair after burning down a house, and it’s a rubbish chair, that probably gives you cancer, it’s basically the worst chair ever made and smells like poop.

Every single business deal in China is the same thing over and over again, to the point where anyone with half a brain just avoids China entirely. Because it has nothing of value to anyone other than China. And Chinese love their new poopy cancer-giving chair, and if you say otherwise you are a racist who hurt the poor chinese feelings.
Quit using “5000 years of culture” as an excuse for the horrible behaviour and rubbish manners of mainlanders cockroaches. People from Taiwan have the same 5000 years of culture and don’t act like a bunch of retarded monkeys the way at least a plurality of mainlanders do.
such.. complete.. BULLSHIT… and then the author has the balls to end the article with ‘ As long as we treat each other with respect and stay humble, we’ll be fine.’

China pride & dumbass questions or trolling?

I’m tired of these people talking shit about China!
Pollution this, economy that!
Fuck you.
If China was so bad why are these huge investment firms investing so much money hiring you foreign assholes( yes I’m foreign too, however my blood is red and my skin is yellow and I have my moms little red book!)
you really think you know the world works?
Be a descendent of someone who was in politics maybe then you might have something worth saying as well as being relevant! It’s simple, if you’re so fed up with China just get the fuck out and move back to your just as corrupt country and post your shit there!


This was posted on Chinese social media…by a chinese / french dude
Anyway, let me take some time to reply to some regard and share my thoughts…
Why are they hiring foreign assholes?
Probably because the foreign assholes know how to think outside the box, and these firms are selling to the average chinese dumbass, and they can’t have the average chinese dumbass running their operations now can they?
You have to be the descendant of someone who was in politics? If that’s the case then it seems like the only people that could justifiably have proper political opinions are the CCP, but then again the first communist party members, they weren’t sons and daughters of politicians, so does that mean that those original people like Mao that ran the country for so many years were full of crap and didn’t know what they were talking about?? …  Oh wait, yep, that’s a bad example.
But just because you work in government it doesn’t necessarily mean that your political opinion is worth more than someone that doesn’t.
Don’t give me this shit of… ‘i’m not into ‘politics’ if you have any care for fairness, and how things should be for your life then you by very follow in logic will have an opinion in politics and governance.
You don’t just state ‘ this isn’t fair’ and then walk away.
You say ‘ I think it should be like this’ OR ‘I wish it was like this’
Just because you want to improve a situation doesn’t mean that you don’t appreciate what you already have.
You can desire improvement even if something is fairly decent, after all that’s essentially the concept of innovation….constant improvement., to make our lives easier or at least better.
If its that case for so many things, why can’t it be the same for governance of a country?….you know for something that affects your everyday life?
That shouldn’t just be a novel idea, that should be obvious.
Plus, why do people keep saying this bullshit of, ‘do you really think you know how the world works?’
Not totally, sure. But we’re all entitled to have our own opinions , even if they’re ridiculous.
Plus a lot of the time, you don’t have to know how the world works to know that 1 country could change how THEY work, to make things better for their people.
That’s not a difficult concept to understand. Why is it so difficult for people to get?
His last little comment in chinese by the way, 中国万岁 zhong guo wan sui, basically translates to- Long live China!
Sometimes, I wonder if these people are trolling, just to get a reaction….because I can’t believe that 1 person can ask so many dumb questions sincerely and spout meaningless filler crap for the post…. I wonder if they’re doing it just to get a reaction.
That being said, from living in a place like China…I can actually totally understand that many people post about complete crap, and ask as many dumbass questions such as above.

i don’t know why people don’t trust me…

So, at work recently we’ve been having a situation with the other company we’re sharing a warehouse with.  Technically the warehouse is ours, but because it is our sister company and there’s no formal agreement in place we can’t kick them out just because we need the space.  So instead they had 3 months’ notice to move to another place, which was apparently fine because they were already preparing to move to an even larger warehouse anyway.

That’s what I got told when the company first moved me to this country.  And since then, I’ve found the European manager to be purposefully putting off moving to this other warehouse, because she will save money but staying in our little informal agreement.

“We will move, ….we ARE moving…. Oh the contracts aren’t ready yet…. We can’t move yet, there’s just no way….. if we do move then we’re going to stop business with you…. “

all whilst hearing rumours on the great vine that this European director had paused her own work contracts for the workers who were meant to be preparing their own warehouse.

So, the point you should be getting here is that she is lying, she wants to save money by putting off the moving as much as possible, and she can change her story very quickly.  Also she has no qualms in doing any of these, even if it’s to the detriment of many other people.

What’s worse, is that I want to like her, she’s got a nice personality, and seems very sincere.  But unfortunately that’s the big thing, seems is not what is actually the case.

So 2 days ago after hearing her bullshit plans and promises for the last 2 and a half months without anything actually happening, we decided to have a meeting, myself, her, and 2 other people from my team who know the warehousing situation very well, and what is and isn’t possible.

It’s a Chinese company, and 1 thing that has to be mentioned is that if you are in the company in the first place, you are trusted, therefore internal meetings are generally informal and oral.
That being said, I decided to take meeting minutes for the simple reason that 1. I would pass on this information to our new European director that couldn’t be in the meeting & 2. It’s a record of proof of what was said in the meeting.

This lady seemed surprised that I was taking it down, and I genuinely think its because she kind of realized it meant she wouldn’t be able to change her story later.

So anyway… she said something about a warehouse we could lease for a short term but…it had no loading platform (she made a big deal of saying we’d have to load the warehouse using a forklift)  OR security system, both of which are very important when you’re storing goods worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I wrote this down and this was questioned by a member of my team and we moved on.

After not really coming up with any better suggestions, and realizing we’d have to take matters into our own hands, despite the fact ….you know, this was her problem that she got everyone into through her own inaction, and on =-purpose non-action,  we eventually figured…. Maybe we should just check this place out, maybe we can ask for more functionality from the warehouse leasor.  So I went midday to check it out with the owner of the warehouse.

Guess what?  It HAS the loading bay, and it also HAS a full security system, and it would actually pretty much fit our needs.

I came back and in the afternoon heard from this woman ‘ oh I hear you went to the short term warehouse….; (you know, without really asking a question)

“yeah”, I said “it was pretty good, it DID have the security system, and the loading doors”

“I told you” she said.

What??? No you didn’t you specifically said that it didn’t have any of these things.

“it seems like no one trust me, I told you about the warehouse and you went to go and look at it anyway, so I guess that means you don’t trust me”

Haven’t you ever heard of ‘trust but verify’?

I mean, especially with this woman’s reputation.  Of course I’m going to verify that what she said was true or either untrue.

“but in the meeting, you said it didn’t have any of these, so we wanted to see to what extent it was”, I said.

“I never said that, I never said that”

Ah…. Yes, you did.  All that note taking I was doing… those minute meetings I sent to you and was verified by everyone in attendance… that might attest to that.

What do you think meeting minutes are for?  They’re not for….’oh yeah, I heard everything you said in the meeting….but you know what?  I’ll just make up some bullshit…write it down… and use it to hold it against you later…whilst it goes out for verification to company directors and what-not’

No, it doesn’t work like that.

Plus, considering that this entire time you’ve been lying, and even this morning when you sent us the email with the address of the warehouse, when I plugged it into my car’s navigation….it wasn’t even in the correct place.  You were even sending us to the wrong place.  I don’t know if this was on purpose or not, but I’m start to think this lying is more pathological rather than just forgetful or anything else.

So is it really any wonder why we react by perhaps not taking you at your word.

“I don’t understand why you don’t trust me”  (this was not said in a sad voice, no reason to feel bad for her… this was said in a strategic, manipulative, scheming kind of voice)

It was revealed in the global meeting/ conference call that both joint CEO’s thought she’d already moved out of the warehouse, so she’d even managed to lie to these 2 people as well.

And before today, after saying that there was no way she could possibly move out, because other companies don’t have space, or security systems, or the right things in place…or that it wasn’t even a question of money…it was simply impossible at this time, which we now know is completely not true..  she threatened that ‘if we were going to be like this she would just move straight away and not work with us anymore. ‘

She said this to one of my colleagues which is more easily rattled, but in the end I had to say, ‘this is an empty threat’ … logically speaking it can’t be true.

Either it means that previously you COULD move out but didn’t because you wanted to save money…. Which confirms that you were lying to us about this situation the whole time, OR that you can’t move out because everything you said was true, and this whole threat of ‘ fine we’ll move out straight away…but you’ll be sorry’  doesn’t mean anything, because it can’t possibly happen…according to your statements before…it is simply impossible.

I’ve never met a pathological liar before…. But I think this is my first one.  Even writing an email, even to her superiors she’s lying, she’s lying that she’s not lying. To be honest it’s absolutely incredible.

I, for some reason, thought it’d be kind of funny to meet a pathological liar, because I just couldn’t imagine what shenanigans a person like that would get up to.  But now I see…and it is not fun, especially when you’re affect by it.

Sometimes I think it would make life so much easier, especially if you can’t help it, and don’t seem to care if it negatively affects people around you.  As a saleswoman this lady is incredible.  But of course she’s incredibly, of course she is, because for any client that comes through…’can you do that?’   Yes of course we can’  Even though it’s completely not true.

Absolutely incredible.

But to have the audacity to say “I don’t know why people don’t trust me”

Hahahah too golden.

American election -hooray for Trump

Destroy and Rebuild

Just a quick post, because this website is meant to be about trials in logic after all, not what was inevitable.

That Drumpf got elected was not illogical, it was the culmination of a shitty public education system that isn’t aimed at producing citizens that can’t think critically.

How did they arrive at a shitty situation in which their public education was this bad?
By a group of elites that realise that in order to get richer, other people need to get poorer.  And how can you guarantee that people en-masse get poorer?

By making them dumber of course.  America’s reputation, or at least stereotype or ignorant, fat people stems from somewhere, and ultimately its foundation is the American public school system.

By not giving people the tools to understand the system in which they live in, and how they can benefit from that system, or.. even what their place in that system before they can even think about changing it, means that people won’t know what needs to change, let alone how to change it.

There’s a reason why those very same elites that forge such a situation don’t send their children into public schools, and it’s because they ultimately want to make more money, and if they’re not taught the right things, raised in the right environment that show how the country actually works…then they won’t have the tools to ensure they can continue to make money.

You might be thinking that I’m saying that these ‘elites’ are Republicans.  Hahaha no.
Republicans, for the most part are stupid.  Most people are aware of that.  What the elites do however is create a neat bundle of sophistry and present their real agenda to the common republicans which end up pushing it themselves without really knowing how it will affect them.

We don’t need to teach evolution in schools; an image that you need to be religious to be president; the idea that the definition of the word ‘socialism’ actually means communism, and that communism = oppression.  The very worrying mathematical equation that it is somehow possible to lower taxes whilst providing more services that are not publicly funded whilst also making them more affordable, whilst also not increasing government debt; or that corporate competition will provide morality, and in relation to the previous point- that if such services were provided by the corporations it would be cheaper and provide better service than if it was done through public channels.

Republicans believe all of this, mostly because words and mathematics seem to confuse them, and so essentially can’t be bothered adding up all the details to understand for themselves that it is not possible.
However, the elites that are guiding the Republicans, of course know that’s not possible, but when your aim is to make yourself richer whilst making other people poorer, it doesn’t have to be a balanced equation.

In fact their real equation is that if government is smaller then the government can be less efficient at passing regulation that limits their profit making potential.

If government is smaller then they can’t provide necessary social services which lead to the betterment of lives for everyone in the country.
& if there is no betterment of lives, then people will struggle more to live a life that they want, and will likely not concentrate on working rather than further education or trying to understand things that don’t immediately affect them, but yet may affect their children.

& ultimately people received less education about the system in place around them and how they fit into it all, and because they don’t have the ability to think so much end up buying goods & services that they don’t really need, or end up enrolling in ‘get ahead’ schemes because they don’t have the capacity to realise that they won’t work nor that the people in charge of selling such things only care about profit.

Think about Drumpf’s own Drumpf University.

Drumpf may be stupid, but also whether unconsciously or consciously, he is doing things in the exact way that you CAN do things in America.  Avoiding paying taxes, creative accounting that means that because of 1 loss he doesn’t have to pay income tax for the next 18 years or so.

Drumpf “That makes me smart”

Well, yes, in a way that does.  He’s not wrong there.  He’s taking advantage of a system that was built by people like him (but not him), the elites, that have been guiding Republican agenda to make necessary changes within the legal system that ensures the rich stay rich and the poor stay not just poor but unaware that they will be poor in the future if they keep voting for people that will make the legal framework & general system work against them.

As much bullshit as Drumpf talks, he’s not wrong.
I’m not advocating him, I’m just saying that he HAS, whether you like it or not, got a point.  He is able to take advantage of a situation BECAUSE people like him have created that advantage to take.

Duping people in private universities.   Again a ridiculous gap that has been left in the education due to lack of regulation from the standard education.

By the way, it’s so nice to see so many chinese friends taking an interest in the election.  Almost as if they wanted to have some say themselves.

But like in everything, I’m sure the chinese gov. is monitoring their own people.  Even when there were the demonstrations against Japan, there were many Japanese cars that were damaged that were in fact ch. gov. cars with ch. gov. number plates.   Exasperation & disappointment towards another country or their government may also be veiled disappointment towards their own gov.

Why would the Chinese gov. be monitoring people that take an interest, especially if there’s too much interest in the American elections?   Because the system that allowed Drumpf to be voted in is the same system that the CCP has been promoting since 1978.  Yes, that whole ‘opening up policy’ was directly brought over from the USA with Deng Xiao Ping’s little trip over to America.

Of course they renamed it ‘Socialism with Chinese characteristics’ which many people know that study Chinese politics and government strategy is code for ‘Capitalism’.

What is not noted however, is that the real point of it is to ensure that those that are in power stay in power by constantly changing certain policies to ensure that the wealth and power stay at the top by creating a certain level of chaos at the bottom.  Misaligned focus is a way to do that. Patriotism, single minded focus against certain other countries, mis-information, propaganda, reducing the teaching of critical thinking in schools, creating a capitalist society and environment in which people need products that they don’t actually need and …reducing social services to a point where people need to work in order to survive.
If they are only focused on working, then they can’t possibly focus on changing the system in place that has them held in that position.  And therefore they are more susceptible for being screwed in the future by the people at the top.

For a very obvious example- The Chinese education system is also terrible.  Chinese government and business elites, also send their children abroad to study, and…specifically to American elite schools.  Not to public schools, but to the elite schools.  Because if it’s the elite schools that do so well in providing the right guidance for the education of elites, and it is the top America leaders that has shown China the way.  As it was the top British elite that showed American leaders the way.

In fact, this is not new at all, it is simply a perfection of the system.

What Drumpf has shown, quite ironically, is that the American system IS broken.  If a person like him can get elected, with all the absolute bullshit that he says, and all the terrible things he has done, it’s not because despite the fact that it is terrible people who elected him, it’s that the system in place has allowed him to do all of these things and allowed him to get away with it.

I imagine that some people DID vote for Drumpf, not because they think he is the best person to lead the country, but possibly because he is the worst.

With Hillary you are getting more of the same shit, more stagnation of Congress, more not moving forward with changing the education system, more complete halt in gun control, more dodgy arms deals which lead to future wars which eventually fuel the elites to continue to make money.

But with Drumpf you get Chaos, provided that he really can’t be controlled.

Some people that voted for Drumpf are doing so on the basis that to make things better you have to destroy and rebuild.

And who is better at destroying things than Drumpf?

My ‘because China’ manifesto

I can’t comprehend why others don’t understand that even though you can live in a place where dodgy shit often happens, that some people may actually like that.

Its the same reason why the English go on holiday, just so that they have another reason to have a good moan.

Their simple minds just process it as, ‘don’t like it….oh, only 1 solution then, just leave’

No no no,
There are complex reasons why people stay in a place of discomfort… and one of them, is to continue to see how much shit can happen, and provided its not happening to you, to take enjoyment from the hilariousness of it.
When you can see a simple answer to the problem, yet others have the logical reasoning ability of a pencil, then….it’s just funny

Its what we all think from time to time i’m sure.

China is a great place to live.  when its good its good, when its dodgy, its funny…but still pretty good

Comment from a person in the ‘because China’ group after seeing a runaway tractor clip where it’s going round in circles but the guy can’t catch it:

‘We don’t have runaway tractors in ‘Murica. That’s mainly why I live here’

I like the potential thought process ‘i need to move…but which country? .. which country has the most run away tractors?….China.  Done.’

Him: ‘And there ya have it’